Turning on the microphone in the Zoom mobile app

To ensure that the operation of the audio capture device on the mobile version of Zoom does not interfere with anything, you must first grant permission for the application to access the microphone on the «Configuration» of the operating system:

      • Go to the «Configuration» of the smartphone, go to section "Applications" , open the list "All applications" .
      • Busque "Zoom" In the list of software installed on the device, tap its name. On the screen with the client details and settings, click App permissions .Si es un usuario de Android:
      • Then tap "Microphone" and then select "Let" , abriendo así el acceso de la zoom app al módulo.
      • Close the «Configuration» of the mobile operating system.
      • Open the «Configuration» of iOS, scroll down the displayed list of parameter sections. In the last configuration block that contains a list of the software that operates on the device, look for "Zoom" y toque el nombre del programa.На iPhone:
      • On the list ALLOW ACCESS TO THE ZOOM, active el switch microphone . This completes the emission of the resolution necessary to ensure sound transmission, exit the «Configuration» of the operating system.

Method 1: application settings

To ensure that every time you enter an existing conference and start a communication session from your side, the microphone on your mobile device turns on automatically, do the following.

    1. Launch Zoom and go to your "Settings" touching the icon "Cogwheel" located at the bottom of the app section panel. Then, on the screen that opens, click "Conference" .
    2. Deactivate the "Always mute my microphone" switch and then exit from "Settings" Zoom
    3. From now on, when entering an existing conference and creating a new conference, you cannot be fazed by the question of turning on the microphone to transmit your voice within it - the audio capture device will automatically activate.

Method 2: conference screen

Regardless of the status of the above option, you always have the opportunity to turn your microphone on / off during any conference conducted via Zoom.

  1. Create a new Zoom session or join an existing one.
  2. To activate the sound capture module and consequently start transmitting your voice to the audience, tap the first button located at the bottom of the conference screen: "Switched on. Sound " .
  3. For, mute the microphone, toque la instrucción especificada en el párrafo anterior, pero que ha cambiado su nombre a "Mute sound", the application interface element again.