Twitter video download

Twitter video download

It is quite difficult to imagine today's social networks without videos, even if they are quite short. And Twitter is by no means an exception. The popular microblogging service allows you to upload and share short videos of no more than 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

«Uploading a video to the service is very easy. But how can you download a video from Twitter if you have that need? In this article we will analyze this question.

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How to upload a video from Twitter

It is quite obvious that the functionality of the service does not imply the possibility of downloading videos attached to tweets. Accordingly, we will solve this problem with the help of third-party services and applications for various platforms.

Method 1: Download Twitter Videos

If you want to download a video from Twitter using your personal computer, the DownloadTwitterVideos service is probably the best option. To download a video in MP4 format, you only need a link to the specific tweet with the video.

Online service DownloadTwitterVideos

  1. Thus, we first find the publication with the attached video on Twitter.

    Next, click the downward-pointing arrow at the top right of the tweet.

  2. Then from the drop-down list, select "Copy link to tweet"..
  3. Then copy the content of the single text box to the pop-up window.

    To copy the link, right-click on the highlighted text and choose "Copy".. Or we can do it in a simpler way: use the combination "CTRL + C".

    The link is already initially highlighted for copying, but if you've somehow reset that selection, just click the text box again to restore it.

  4. Now go to the page of the DownloadTwitterVideos service and paste the link in the corresponding field.

    We will use the shortcut "CTRL + V" or right-click in the text field and select "Paste"..

  5. After providing a link to the tweet, all that remains is to click on the button "Download. [нужный нам формат и качество] ».

    The start of the download will be indicated by a block at the bottom with the title of the clip and the inscription "Download completed successfully.".

The operation of DownloadTwitterVideos is as simple as possible, and it is very convenient to use the service, since you can download the video you need in just a couple of clicks.


Another more advanced solution is the SAVEVIDEO.ME online video downloader. This service, unlike the previous one, is universal, that is, it allows you to download video files from various social networks. The principle of operation remains the same.

SAVEVIDEO.ME online service

  1. To start using the service, as in the first method, first you have to copy the link to the tweet with the video. Then go to the SAVEVIDEO.ME home page.

    We are interested in the following text box «Insert the URL of the video page here and click« Download »». This is where we insert our "link."

  2. Click the button. "Download". on the right side of the input form.
  3. Next, we choose the quality of the clip we want and right-click on the link «Download video file»..

    In the context menu, select the option "Save Link As…".

  4. Go to the folder where you intend to download the video and click "Save"..

    After that, it will start downloading the clip.

    All the videos downloaded with SAVEVIDEO.ME are initially saved on the PC with completely random names. Therefore, in order not to confuse the video files in the future, you should immediately rename them in the save link window.

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Method 3: + Download for Android

You can also download clips from Twitter using apps for Android devices. One of the best solutions of this type on Google Play is + Download (full name - + Download 4 Instagram Twitter). The application allows you to download videos from the microblogging service using the same principle as in the two methods described above.

+ Download 4 Instagram Twitter on Google Play

  1. First, install + Download from the Google app store.
  2. Then open the program you just installed and go to "Settings". by clicking on the vertical triplet in the upper right.
  3. Here, if necessary, change the video upload directory to your preferred directory.

    To do this, click "Download folder" and select the desired folder in the pop-up window.

    To confirm the directory selection for tweets, click "SELECT"..

  4. The next step is to find the tweet with the video in the Twitter application or in the mobile version of the service.

    Then click the same arrow at the top right of the publish box.

  5. And in the pop-up menu, select "Copy link to tweet"..
  6. Now go back to + Download and click on the big round button with the arrow at the bottom.

    The link that we have copied in the tweet will be recognized by the application and will begin to download the video that we want.

  7. We can follow the progress of the video file download through the download bar located at the bottom of the interface.

    Once the download is complete, the video will be immediately available for viewing in the directory you have previously specified.

  8. The + Download application, unlike the services mentioned above, immediately downloads the video in the optimal format and resolution for your smartphone. Therefore, you don't have to worry about the low quality of the downloaded video.

Method 4: SSSTwitter

A simple and easy to use web service focused solely on downloading videos from Twitter. The download option is implemented in the same way as in - popular site and extension of the same name, as well as the DownloadTwitterVideos we talked about earlier. All you have to do is copy / paste the link or modify it without leaving the video page of the social network. Let's see in more detail how it is done.

  1. The first thing to do is open the Twitter post from which you plan to upload the video, and click on the address bar of your browser to highlight the link to that page.
  2. Place the cursor between the characters "//" and the word "Twitter".. Enter the letters "sss" there without the quotation marks and press "ENTER" on the keyboard.

    Note: After the change, the link should look like this: https: // Before that it looked like this Naturally, everything after .com / will be different for you, but not before.

  3. Once on the SSSTwitter web service page, scroll down a bit to the quality (resolution) selection block of the video you are uploading. Once you've made up your mind, click on the link next to it "Download"..
  4. The video will open in a separate tab and playback will start automatically. Look at the address bar of your browser: at the end of it there will be a button "Save".that you need to press.
  5. Depending on your browser settings, the download will start automatically, or you will have to specify the destination directory at the opening "Explorer".. The resulting video file is in MP4 format, so it can be played on any player and on any device.
  6. Thanks to SSSTwitter, you can easily download your favorite Twitter video, all you have to do is open the social network post that contains it and literally perform a few simple manipulations.


We have described four different ways to download videos from Twitter. Three of them are aimed at those who visit this social network from a computer, and one is for users of mobile devices with Android. There are similar solutions for iOS, but you can also use any of the web services on a smartphone or tablet if you want.

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