Unsubscribe from GMail

Unsubscribe from GMail

By actively using email, be it a Google service or any other, registering through it on various sites, over time you can almost always face an abundance of unnecessary emails, but they arrive so often. This can be advertising, information about promotions, discounts, "hot" offers, and other messages that are relatively useless or simply uninteresting. To prevent your inbox from filling up with digital garbage, you should unsubscribe from these newsletters. Of course, you can also do it in GMail, and today we will tell you about it.

Unsubscribe from GMail

You can unsubscribe from messages you do not want to receive, either manually (separately from each email address) or semi-automatically. What you do with your GMail mailbox is up to you, let's proceed to the solution of our task today.

Final report: If by mailing list you mean spam and not the emails that you signed up to voluntarily receive, check the article at the following link.

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Method 1: Manually unsubscribe

If you want to keep your inbox "clean and tidy," unsubscribing from the mailing list as soon as you no longer need it is the most helpful thing, and just the right thing to do. This option is present in almost all shipments, and you can also use it to "clear the clutter" on your own.

  1. Open an incoming message from the address you no longer want to receive from and scroll down the page.
  2. Find the link «Cancel subscription». (another possible option is. «Cancel subscription». or something close in meaning) and click on it.

    Final report: Most of the time, the unsubscribe link is written in fine print, barely noticeable, or even hidden at the end, behind a bunch of uninformative characters. In that case, just look at the entire textual content of the message and see if it contains an unsubscribe option. It is also possible, as in the example below, where it is by no means obvious that you intend to completely "remove yourself" from the site by yourself.

  3. By clicking on the link in the message, read the notification of a positive result (unsubscribe) or, if necessary, confirm your decided intention to unsubscribe. It can be a button, a form that needs to be filled out first (for example, an email address or just a reason), or a short questionnaire. In any case, follow the obvious steps necessary to unsubscribe from receiving emails from a certain service.
  4. After unsubscribing from an address, do the same for all other emails that you no longer want to receive.
  5. This is how you can unsubscribe from receiving uninteresting or simply unnecessary inboxes. This option is good if you do it permanently, as long as there are newsletters that have been unusable. But if there are a lot of messages of this type, you will have to turn to third-party web resources for help, as we tell you below.

Method 2: Special services

To unsubscribe from several, or even many, email addresses at the same time, it is necessary to use a specialized online service. One of them is Unroll.Me, which is very popular among users, and in whose example we will consider the solution to this problem.

Go to Unroll.Me

  1. Once on the service's web page, where the link above will take you, click on "Start now".
  2. On the login page to which you will be redirected, select the first available option «Sign in with Google».
  3. Next, familiarize yourself with how Unroll.Me uses your account information, and only then do you click "I agree"..
  4. Select the Google account (and therefore GMail) that you want to unsubscribe from, or provide a username and password to log in, from the list of available accounts.
  5. Once again, take a good look at what the web service we are considering will be able to do with your account, and then "Allow". him this.
  6. Congratulations, you have successfully entered Unroll.Me, but now the service will tell you very briefly what it can do. First click the button «Let's do it»,

    then - "Tell me more",

    go ahead - "I like it",

    then… "Sounds good".

  7. And only after this lengthy prelude will it start scanning your GMail mailbox for mailing lists you can unsubscribe from. How the inscription appears. "All done! We find…" and the large number below it representing the number of subscriptions found, click "Start editing.".

    Final report: Sometimes the Unroll.Me service cannot find mailing lists that you can unsubscribe from. The reason is that it does not accept some email addresses as unsubscribes. The only possible solution in that case is the first method in this article that talks about unsubscribing manually and which we have reviewed above.

  8. Check the list of detected Unroll.Me newsletters from which you can unsubscribe. In front of everyone you no longer need, click "Drop out"..

    The same services that you do not consider to be useless emails, you can ignore or flag them by clicking on "Keep in inbox". When you are done with the list, press "Continue".

  9. Unroll.Me will then ask you to share information about the work you have done on social media. It is up to you to do it or not. To continue without sharing, click on the title "Continue without sharing".
  10. Eventually the service will "report" the number of emails you have unsubscribed from using it, then click on "End up"..
  11. It can be said that the use of the Unroll.Me web service for the task we are considering today is a very convenient and simple option in its implementation. It takes a long time to get to the actual process of checking the mailbox and searching for unsubscribes, but in most cases this method is justified by the quick and positive results it yields. For greater efficiency, we still recommend checking your mailbox content again: if any spam emails remain, you should unsubscribe from them manually.


Now you know how to unsubscribe from GMail. The second way allows you to automate this process, the first is good only for special cases - when your mailbox is kept at least in a relative order. We hope this material has been helpful to you, but if you still have questions, feel free to ask them in the comments.

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