Canceling your Spotify subscription

Canceling your Spotify subscription

Important! The option to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium, such as unsubscribe, is only available on the official website of the service. It cannot be canceled in the PC and mobile applications.

Spotify Official Website

    1. Access your service account using the link above and, if necessary, our step-by-step instructions. Also read: How to log into Spotify on your computer

      Note: If, after logging in, you end up on the home page or the web player, click the line "Profile". and select the item "Bill"..

    2. When you are on the account "Bill"., in the options box. "My plan". press the button "Plan of change"..

    1. Scroll down the page to the block "Free version of Spotify".and click «Unsubscribe as Premium».. Confirm your intentions.

The Premium subscription will be valid until the end of the payment period (the date is specified in the account settings), after which it will go to the free version with all its inherent limitations: songs can only be listened online, mixed (for mobile applications), without the best quality and with ads.

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You can restore premium access at any time. To do this, simply follow the reverse steps to those described above, or consult our instructions.

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Solve possible problems

In some cases, it is not possible to unsubscribe from Spotify Premium. The main reasons are trivial inattentions, but sometimes they can be due to service problems.

Subscribed through a partner
Currently, Spotify does not allow Premium access on mobile devices, directly through the App Store or Google Play Market - this option is only implemented on the official website of the service. However, sometimes the subscription can be connected through a so-called partner - a telecom operator, provider or some company.

In this case, you will have to contact the appropriate organization to cancel. What it is - you can find out in the account settings, which we got to in the first step of the above instruction. For example, if you are dealing with a mobile network operator, you will have to use your brand application or your personal account on the site.

Free subscription
Obviously, in this case it is not necessary to cancel anything: the premium subscription has not been issued and no payment details have been added. You can know exactly what rate you are using in the same account settings.

If it says "Spotify Free Version" but it has been uploaded to your account, it is logical to assume that Premium has been issued to a different account. To find it, see the service's official help section, the link for which is given below.

How to find your Spotify account

After unsubscribing, the payment was charged
This usually happens if the Spotify Premium rate has been changed to free after paying for the next period. In this case, the money cannot be recovered, and the only thing that can be done is to wait for the paid period to expire.

If you see the date in your account settings to upgrade to the free version of Spotify, the account will no longer be charged. But if the date does not appear, go through the steps in the main instruction again and make sure you have followed all the steps exactly, up to confirmation.

As mentioned, it's also possible that the premium access was issued to a different account. If it's yours, you have to find it (link to the instructions above), if not - probably a family subscription or for two, as we will tell you below.

Partner or family subscription
In addition to the individual subscription to Spotify Premium, there are two other options available in the service: Premium for one family and Premium for two. In this case, you can cancel your subscription by following the same instructions that we indicated in the main article for each member of the family or the couple, and for the organizer. Each user will be able to switch to the free version, with the only difference that the organizer will automatically transfer all the accounts linked to it.

If for some reason you still can't unsubscribe from Spotify Premium, fill out the special form and send it to the music service representatives. Follow the link below and enter the subscriber's name, your Spotify username, the address (only for relatives and couples), the email address linked to your account, the current date and your signature in the fields corresponding. The correctly completed document must be sent by email to [email protected].

Spotify Premium subscription cancellation form

Note: The document in the link above is not editable, so please copy the text into a separate file, such as Word format, and fill it out yourself. Then copy the text and send it to the email address indicating in the subject "Canceling Spotify.".

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