Update bug fixes and other Windows 11/10 features in Windows Update Reset Tool

Update bug fixes and other Windows 11/10 features in Windows Update Reset Tool

Errors downloading or installing updates to Windows 11 or Windows 10 are among the most common problems experienced by users of the operating system and usually have more or less the same causes, which can also be fixed manually (How to fix errors from the Center of Windows Updates), but sometimes it is more comfortable and faster to use utilities designed specifically for this purpose. The Windows Update Reset Tool is one such tool that also offers additional options to fix your system issues.

In this review, we detail how to use the Windows Update Reset Tool to fix problems installing Windows Updates, what exactly this utility does, and its additional features. In a related topic: Windows 11 built-in troubleshooting tools, Windows 10 troubleshooting.

Reset update cache and settings, restore update center serviceability with the Windows Update Reset tool

Free download Reset Windows Update Tool from the official website https://www.wureset.com/downloads.html – there is an installer for x64 version of Windows, installer for 32-bit systems (x86), portable version of the program in archive ZIP.

Before using the utility, I recommend creating a system restore point: Windows 11 Restore Points, Windows 10 Restore Points in case something goes wrong in the process.

After installing Reset Windows Update Tool, run the program as administrator (right-click on the utility icon – “Run as administrator”), further steps are as follows:

  1. Select language: Enter the language number, press Enter, Russian is present in the list. If you get hieroglyphs instead of Russian, exit the program by entering 0 (zero), open the Russian.txt file in notepad, and save it back to the same folder, but with ANSI encoding instead of UTF-8 ( if you do not have enough rights to save, save it to another place, for example, on the desktop, and then copy it to the program folder).
  2. After accepting the license (by entering Y), the program will display a list of available actions.
  3. Just enter the number and press Enter. As for fixing Windows Update errors, we are interested in the second point – resetting Windows Update components, and if that does not work or there is another task, you can resort to other methods.

The actions available in the program are in order:

  1. Open system protection – Open system protection settings to configure, use, or create restore points.
  2. Reset Windows Update components - Stops update services, clears the update cache, re-registers, and starts update services.
  3. Windows temporary file deletion – simple temporary file cleanup, you can also use system tools: How to clean C drive from junk files, Drive cleanup with Windows 11 tools.
  4. Open Internet Explorer settings – in fact, many of these settings affect other browsers as well.
  5. Run a disk check for the system partition.
  6. Starts the integrity check of Windows system files.
  7. Checking the integrity of the Windows component repository.
  8. Check if the storage is marked as corrupt.
  9. Automatically checks and restores the integrity of the component store.
  10. Component cleanup (WinSxS folder).
  11. Check and remove "invalid registry values" (what values ​​are removed - I don't know exactly, but create a backup).
  12. Reset WinSock settings (as part of network troubleshooting, more details: How to reset Windows 11 network, How to reset Windows 10 network).
  13. Restart Microsoft Store if there are problems with the store, installing or updating apps.
  14. Forced update of group policy (if some policies were configured but not applied).
  15. Windows Update Search – Starts the search for updates in the Update Center.
  16. Show the Windows product key (in my case it did not appear).
  17. Run the built-in Windows troubleshooters.
  18. Opens a page on the Microsoft website with information about installing Windows updates for current versions.

All the steps presented can be done manually, but I do not exclude that for someone to have a utility in the list of error correction it can be useful.

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