Update the Instagram app on iOS

Update the Instagram app on iOS.

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Method 1: Automatic update

By default, iOS devices automatically install app updates, including Instagram, as soon as they connect to a suitable Wi-Fi or cellular network. If this feature was previously disabled for one reason or another, you can at least temporarily change the system settings to update the social network client.

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  1. Open the standard app "Settings", scroll down the page below and go to the category "Basic". Here you need to find and expand the section "Content update".
  2. Tap the block with the identical title "Content update" and on the page that opens, select the type of network, when connected to which updates will be automatically checked for and installed. Limited to mobile data, unfortunately, it will not work.

When it's done, exit this settings section and wait a moment while apps for which new versions have been released are updated. It should be noted that the download of updates may be hampered by individual network settings, for example, the mode "Data saving" when using Wi-Fi.

Method 2: App Store

To update Instagram yourself, if you do not want to install the latest versions of other programs, which will definitely happen in the first case, you can visit the official page of the application. Unlike the previous option, the mode "Data saving" or connection type play no role here; the main thing is that there is internet access.

    1. From the list of standard applications, select "App Store", at the top-right corner of the screen, tap your Apple account photo, and when the pop-up window appears "Account", look for the block "Updates Expected" . Here, at your discretion, you can use the link "Update all" to install the latest versions of all apps, or click "To update" exclusively in front of Instagram.Alternatively, you can visit the main page of the program in the App Store and, as before, tap the update button. This will lead to exactly the same result.
    2. If you are using a limited Internet connection, a pop-up will ask you to confirm the download of an update package that has a certain weight. Confirm the download with the option "To update" and wait for the completion of the procedure, the status of which can be tracked on the same page.

Once completed, you can continue to use the app without losing any data. However, it should be noted that when switching from a fairly old version of the software to the latest one, errors may occur.

Method 3: Reinstall the application

Another and at the same time the latest solution available on iOS boils down to uninstalling and reinstalling the official Instagram client. This will be especially true if you want to not only update the software, but also, for example, clear the cache or simply avoid possible errors.

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    1. Go to the "Settings" system by touching the corresponding icon in the application list, scroll down the page below and open the category "Basic" . Here you must select the section "IPhone Storage" , which contains information about all installed programs.
    2. Scroll down the page again and find Instagram in the general list of installed applications. Once in the program options on a separate screen, use the button «Delete application» to perform a complete uninstall, or «Download application» to save user data.
    3. Regardless of the action you choose, after that you will need to confirm the procedure through a pop-up window and wait for it to finish. You can track the removal status on the same page, which, however, will take relatively little time.
    4. Now you need to reinstall the app. The easiest way for these purposes is to visit the official page on the App Store and use the button "Install" marked below the name line.Read more: Install Instagram on an iOS device

There are also alternative solutions that use a computer and special software, including third-party programs. Each option was discussed in sufficient detail in another instruction on the site at the link above.

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