Updating Internet Explorer in Windows XP

Important! Extended support for Windows XP was discontinued on April 14, 2009, for this reason it is not possible to update Internet Explorer using the regular operating system tools. To do this, you must use the pre-downloaded browser installer.

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The latest versions of Windows XP have Internet Explorer 6 by default, which is currently unable to provide a comfortable browsing experience. Due to outdated certification protocols, this browser cannot open modern website pages. When trying to do it, the corresponding error appears, which can be seen in the image below. The situation can be resolved by upgrading to version 8 of the web browser.

It should also be noted that directly in the browser itself there is an option Microsoft Update.which, in theory, should start the app update process. However, clicking the corresponding menu item takes you to the official Microsoft website, which simply does not open in Internet Explorer 6.

Before following the instructions below, it is strongly recommended to update Windows XP to the latest version, otherwise it will not be possible to perform some actions on it. This procedure does not take much time. There is a separate article on our website detailing this process.

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Attention! At the time of writing this article, the latest version of Internet Explorer is the eleventh, but it is not possible to install it on Windows XP, as there is no support.

To update your browser, you will need to manually download the installer for the new version on your computer and run it. If possible, it is recommended to download the installer in advance on a modern operating system, and then transfer the file to a Windows XP computer. This will make the task easier, but the instructions that follow assume that you are using the standard system installations.

    1. Open the menu "Start". and start the application "Internet".. If you are not in the main zone, go to "All the programs". and look for the browser there.
    2. In the window that appears, enter in the field "Address". search query by type «download ie 8 for windows xp» and click on the button "Transition".to search for the desired program on the Internet. It is important to do exactly what is described, otherwise the search engine may simply not load.

    1. While on the Bing service page, follow each of the suggested links until you find a site that opens in Internet Explorer 6. At the time of this writing, the resource linked in the screenshot below was displaying correctly.
    2. Look for a button on the page that opens to download a new version of the browser to your computer. often contains the word "to download". Click the left mouse button.

      Attention! In some cases it is necessary to select the type of program bit, then you should be guided by the version of your operating system. The information is in the menu. This is described in detail in another article published on our website.

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    3. When a security warning dialog box appears, click the button "Yes"to close it and continue the download.
    4. On the menu "Downloading a file". select the action to be performed on the executable file after it has been downloaded. It is recommended to click the button "Save"..

  1. In the file manager window that appears, navigate to the folder where the Internet Explorer 8 installer will be saved. Once there, click "Save"..
  2. Wait for the file download to complete. You can follow the progress of this procedure in the corresponding window.
  3. Once the progress bar is completely full, click "Open folder".to go directly to the installer view in the file manager window. If you haven't, use "Explorer"..
  4. Once in the installer directory, run it by double-clicking on the icon.

    Attention! If the executable doesn't start or you get an error when you try to open it, you need to fix all initialization problems. We have material on this topic on our website. In case of problems it is advisable to read it.

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  5. The installer welcome screen will appear, where you will need to select "I don't want to participate in this program yet" and press the button "Following". Importantly, this is the answer you should choose.
  6. Read the text of the license agreement and then accept it by clicking the corresponding button. Otherwise, you will not be able to continue with the installation process.
  7. Accept the parallel installation of the latest updates required for Internet Explorer 8 to work properly. To do this, check the box next to "Install updates". and press "Following".
  8. Wait for the browser installation process to complete on the system. The progress can be monitored in the corresponding window.
  9. In the last step, click the button "Restart now".to perform an immediate restart of the computer. Otherwise the browser will not work.

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Once restarted, Internet Explorer 8 is ready to use. It is now capable of working properly with many modern websites. However, keep in mind that the browser may continue to display page information incorrectly. This can be seen in the screenshot below.

Important! All the steps described in the attached instructions may not be possible due to problems with your Internet connection. If this is the case, you will need to fix them first before you can update your browser. On our website there is an article that describes how to correctly configure the connection. It is also recommended to disable the firewall for the duration of the Internet Explorer update.

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