Upload a live photo to Instagram

Method 1: Upload Still Photos

The easiest method to upload Live Photos to Instagram is to select the relevant images from your device's media library similar to any other image file. The main drawback of the solution comes down to the loss of momentum, since the social network does not officially support live photos, only static ones.

    1. Open the mobile social network client for iOS and in the upper right corner, on the home tab, tap "+". Next, you need to expand the list of "Recent". and select the default folder «Live photos».
    2. When a complete list of available images appears, select the one you want with a single tap and tap "Following" on the right side of the top bar. The photo can be edited like any other image file using the built-in tools of the official social network client. Read more: Upload photos to Instagram

Complete the load, which we have described in detail in another instruction in the site in the link above. As already stated, such a photo will not differ from static images, so the lack of dynamism can be considered normal.

Method 2: Create a video from live photos

If you don't feel comfortable having to automatically convert live photos to a still image file for upload to Instagram, you can create a full three-second video before interacting with the official app. In this case, the original dynamics of the image will be preserved in its entirety and, in addition, the file can be used to create stories.

Option 1: System tools

The standard iOS features not only include editors for various types of files, but also allow you to convert Live Photos into full videos while maintaining good quality and high resolution. In addition, the conversion procedure takes a minimum of time and does not require, for example, to see ads, which cannot be said for third-party solutions.

    1. In the list of standard applications, select "Fotos".select the tab «Media library». and select the desired live photo. The image viewer should open with the icon "LIVE" in the corner of the screen. Alternatively, if you have a lot of content stored on your device, you can go to the «Albums», scroll down the page, open the category «Live photos» and again select the desired file. Note that in both cases it is possible to select and subsequently process several photos at the same time from the common list using the corresponding option.
    2. Once on the preview page of the selected live photo, on the left side of the bottom panel, press the button marked "Share".. In the displayed menu, use the option "Save as video". without any confirmation. Find the resulting video file at "Video". plug Albums. Inside the block "Types of multimedia files". The original dynamic image will be saved unchanged in the folder with the other photos.

    1. The process to add a file to Instagram varies depending on the needs of the result. For example, you can use the post creation form for the feed, or you can select the created video in the gallery when working with the story editor. Read more:
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The only limitation in this case applies only to the use of the IGTV format, which requires the video to be at least one minute long. Otherwise, the rules and principle of file handling do not differ from any other video originally recorded in a traditional way.

Option 2: Third-party apps

There are many photo and video converters on the App Store that support converting Live Photos to MP4 or GIF format, of which we will only see one: Lively. The main difference between the program and most of its counterparts comes down to its small size and the compatibility with a single function in question.

Download Lively on the App Store

    1. After installing and opening the application, on the home page of the pop-up window, confirm access to Live Photos in the memory of your mobile device using the option Option «Allow access to all photos». Immediately afterwards, you can see the list of found files and select the appropriate option.
    2. In the next step, there will be a number of settings that are relevant only to the GIF format, which we will not cover. It is best to just click on the tab "Film"., modify the duration if necessary, and press thebutton. "Export the movie." at the bottom of the screen.
    3. Of the save locations that appear, sadly, you can't immediately select Instagram. Therefore, it is necessary to use the button "Save". and make sure the app "Photo". en "Video". there is a new video.
    4. To upload a video to Instagram, as before, you have to use the standard tools of the official app. In this case, the post will be no different from any other post with an MP4 extension.

A significant advantage of the presented application is the automatic removal of sound. In this way, the video will appear on the social network exactly like a live photo of the device gallery.

Option 3: Online services

Due to the greater convenience of the solutions presented above, the latest in terms of relevance are the online services that allow you to convert live photos into GIF or MP4 formats compatible with Instagram. The main advantage in this case is that the procedure is not limited to mobile platforms and therefore it is quite possible to use a computer.

Video converter page on 123APPS service website

Copy an image

    1. As in our example we are going to see the desktop version of one of the online services, the first thing to do is transfer the live photo to your PC. To do this, you can use the browser-based version of iCloud by logging in and going to "Fotos". selecting the desired live image.
    2. In this case, the download is done through the button marked at the top of the service. This downloads a file in archive format, which you will have to unzip to any convenient location on your computer.

Alternatively, you can use other ways to transfer data from iPhone to PC, including connecting via USB cable or bluetooth. But keep in mind that not all solutions allow you to transfer the MOV file, which is actually the main content of Live Photos.

Convert photos to video

  1. Once you have figured out how to get the media file, go to the main page of the service in question via the link above and click "Open file".. Next, locate and select the MOV file to open it on your PC.
  2. Once the download is complete, scroll down the page and to the tab "Video". select format "MP4". You can also use the drop down list "Resolution".to change the size of the summary record.
  3. Before pressing the button "Convert".which is the last thing to do, preferably open the section "Settings". and check the checkbox "There is no sound".. You can leave it as default, but then it won't be Live Photos in the usual sense. Wait for the rendering to complete, the rendering time directly depends on the resolution you have set. To save the resulting file, use the link "Download" in the page "Conversion completed".

Loading the video

You can upload a file to Instagram in the ways discussed in the other instructions on the site, without using the official app. Unfortunately, the tools will be very limited in this case.

Read more: How to add a video to Instagram from the computer

As an alternative but more comfortable solution, you can transfer the file to your mobile device and upload it in the usual way. This will preserve the highest quality and allow you to make some changes to the settings, such as filters or descriptions.

We are glad that we were able to help you with your problem.