How to use Google Drive? One of the great alternatives offered by Google is to be able to store everything that is done on the different electronic devices, it may be backed up in the cloud. Which will give us the assurance that we will not lose this information.

Google Drive allows us to create a backup of each and every one of the files created by us, either on computers, laptops, mobile devices, any device that counts with this program. To access this we will only have to enter the Google Drive account from any device that has this backup tool installed.

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What you can do with Google Drive

With this Work tool you can:

  • Store everything type of files.
  • Create and edit any document online.
  • Share the documents with other people, who will have the option of editing and working on them.
  • Manage files from any browser, for this you will not have to download them.

How to use

To use Google Drive, the first thing you should do is download it to the computers from which you want to have access to it.

Enter the application Google Drive from the device of your choice.

In section called "My unit" you will be able to view all the files, documents, folders, and everything that you created previously.

You will have the opportunity to upload any file created on the computers and upload it, once you upload them you will be able to access them and work from the cloud without having to download the files to the computers.

Creating files from Google Drive directly is also an option. Just do it as if you were doing it on your computer.

The advantages

As we indicated above, it gives you the alternative of save the files directly in the cloud, which means you won't lose them if any of the computers you worked on them goes down.

As long as you have an internet connection, you will have access to the files that you save in this application.

Within this work tool you will find a series of apps that will allow you to develop your documents in the same way as you do with Microsoft Office.

It will permit you create access for apps that are currently being handled.

It has security protocols effective.

The disadvantages

It is important to be aware of log out when stop using Google Drive.

It is not a work tool easy to understand and handleAt the beginning, it has numerous applications that you should understand. But once you learn to use it, it is your best ally to back up information.

If you don't have a connection you will not be able to access the internet.

Access to this work tool it is limited to use For Gmail email accounts, this happens with all Google applications.

The cost

When you open an account Gmail email, you have access to all Google applications for free. This application has a limit of accumulation of documents, if you want to make an expansion of the storage capacity you must make the cancellation of a monthly fee.