Viber Message Recovery for Android, iOS and Windows

Viber Message Recovery for Android, iOS and Windows

All Viber users can face a rather unpleasant situation: the loss of information transmitted and / or received through the messenger as a result of intentional or accidental actions, mobile phone failures, etc. By following the instructions provided below, you will be able to restore your deleted Viber messages on your Android device as well as your iPhone or Windows PC.

The recovery of deleted information in Viber is done by simple manipulations, but it is only feasible if the user has taken steps beforehand to ensure regular backups of the messenger data, or a backup copy of the correspondence has been created. manually.

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If the information security issue was not taken into account by the service participant, that is, a backup was not created, the deleted messages, unfortunately, cannot be recovered. To avoid losing your message history in the future, follow the recommendations mentioned in the link above.

How to restore messages in Viber for Android

In the Viber for Android client service, the return of the information previously transmitted and received and then deleted from the chats is done as follows.

    1. Launch the messaging app in the Android environment and switch to the tab in it "Plus"..
    2. If you scroll through the list of available options, you will find "Settings". - open that section and then press "Bill".. The next point you have to go to to restore the information in Vyber on Android is "Backup"..
    3. When a message is detected on the following screen "There is no connection to Google Drive" click the "settings" link in the text that describes how Viber backup works. Next, in the list, select the Google account that you previously used when backing up your messages from messenger and confirm the action by pressing "OKAY".. If the account is not listed, go to "Add Account". and manually enter the username / password of the Google account Read also: How to access a Google account in an Android environment
    4. On the next screen, you can see the date and time the data was backed up. Press "Restore". and confirm your intentions by tapping «RESTORE NOW» in the request window. Next, wait for the procedure to complete by recovering the backup file from the cloud storage and then copying the information from it to messenger.

  1. After the restore is complete, return to the screen "Cats". messenger - now you can read previously deleted messages.

How to Restore Correspondence in Viber for iPhone

Users of the Viber app for iPhones can recover deleted messages intentionally or accidentally by following a slightly different path than the Android environment described above. On iOS, it will be necessary to reinstall the messaging client to access the deleted data recovery function.

  1. Uninstall the Viber client for iOS. The easiest way to do this is to touch the application icon on the iPhone desktop, hold your finger until the icon animates; then, touch the cross and confirm the request by touching "Uninstall"..
  2. Install the messenger the way you want - getting it from the Apple App Store is the smart thing to do.

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  3. Launch the reinstalled client and press "Keep going". on your welcome screen. The app will automatically detect the account information you entered before: tap "Keep going". again. Then confirm that the mobile ID is correct by pressing "Yes"..
  4. Click on "Done". on the screen "Configure Viber".You will be asked to return your chat history to the messenger. Press "Restore now." and wait for the process of recovering the data from the backup and its copy on the iPhone.
  5. When you finish restoring your Vyber messaging history for iOS, the "Cats". client, where you will find the headers of the conversations and groups present in the messenger at the time the data was backed up.

How to restore Viber correspondence on your computer

The Viber PC application, designed to be used by service participants in the Windows environment, is essentially just a "clone" of the mobile version of the client and is characterized by reduced functionality. Restoring the correspondence history in the desktop version is only possible by synchronizing with the "main" messenger on the phone after transferring the data from a backup copy to the latter.

  1. Perform correspondence history recovery from backup on your Android mobile phone or iPhone by following one of the instructions suggested earlier in this article.
  2. Restart the procedure to synchronize the mobile and desktop versions of the messenger, following the instructions in the article at the following link Read more: Viber synchronization on PC and Android mobile phone or iPhone

Therefore, if a Viber user has backed up information in advance, data recovery will not cause any particular difficulties and is possible on any software platform supported by the messenger.

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