Viber Messenger setup in Android and iOS environment

Viber Messenger setup in Android and iOS environment


To perform its functions as efficiently as possible from the point of view of an individual user, almost any software must be properly configured. In the next article, we will see the procedure to configure Viber messenger for the Android and iOS versions, and we will also talk about useful options that are available in the mobile clients of this system, but that are not used by most of the participants in the system.

Before proceeding to configure Viber, your client application must be installed on the phone and activated. This article does not consider these tasks, as their solutions and methods to overcome problems that may arise in the process are already described in the articles on our website.

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Issuance of permits

Before you start to configure Viber for Android or iOS «by yourself», as well as whether the parameters of the messenger's operation need to be changed to eliminate the manifestation of errors and malfunctions in its operation, it will be useful to make sure that the mobile operating system does not prohibit the use of the service by the client application, the hardware and software modules of the device.


  1. Open the «Configuration» of the operating system and then go to section "Applications" . We found Viber in the list of software installed on the smartphone and tapped its name.
  2. We open "Permissions" We then grant / deny Viber access to one or another smartphone module, based on the need to use the following functions:


      • "Camera" . Access to this module is necessary for the messenger to provide the ability to transfer photos created using a smartphone and without involving other applications; upload images to the service (for example, to install them as a profile photo); scan QR codes to activate Viber cloning apps on a PC and / or replenish the list of «Contacts» through this method.
      • «Contacts» . Without this permission, it is impossible to guarantee synchronization of Android and Viber address books.
      • Locate Us . It is used by the service to provide more relevant results in the search for public accounts and communities, to personalize the content sent based on the user's location, as well as to implement the function «Send geolocation» .
      • "Microphone" . Lack of access to the microphone makes it impossible to make calls via Viber and create audio messages.


    • "Memory" ( "Storage" ). Without providing the messaging application access to this module, the user is deprived of the opportunity to send files from the device memory through Viber, as well as upload the received content using the service there.
    • "Phone" . Provides the ability to verify a phone number on the service without entering a code from an SMS message.


The list of modules, whose use permissions are necessary for the version of the Viber client program created for use on the iPhone, as well as the purpose of facilitating access, practically coincide with those of the Android environment. The exceptions are "Phone" y "Memory" ( "Storage" ). Access to the first of the programs is prohibited on the basis of the principles of the operation of iOS, and the second in the environment of Apple's mobile operating system, one could say (not quite correctly), is called "Photo" .

By the way, the closed nature of the "Apple" system does not allow the ability to transfer files of any kind using the iOS version of Viber. Here, unlike Android, you can only send and receive photos and videos.

  1. Open «Configuration» of iOS. Also, scrolling down the open list of options, we find "Viber" among other programs installed on the iPhone and we touch the name of the messenger.
  2. On the screen that opens, we grant or revoke permissions using the switches located next to the names of the modules, depending on the model of use of the system, that is, the need to use one or another Viber function in the future.

Viber client app setup for Android and iOS

Starting to describe the variable parameters of the Viber application, we note that the procedure for configuring the messenger is not characterized by the complexity of the implementation by the user, regardless of the operating system that his smartphone controls. The screenshots that accompany the description of a particular setting later in the article most often capture a client adapted for use in the Android environment, but this should not bother iPhone owners - in Viber for iOS there is almost the same list of options as in the app. for "green robot", and we discuss the differences.

User Profile

The user should start setting up their own profile in Viber, first of all, if only because the information provided during the procedure will be visible to other participants in the system and, to some extent, will affect the perception of the personality by the users. interlocutors.

  1. Start the messenger and go to the section "More" ; the corresponding button is at the bottom right. The upper area of ​​the screen that opens contains the user's registration data visible to other participants in the system. To add or change this information, click the button "Pencil" .
  2. Add or change your avatar photo. To do this, tap the round button "Camera" Then select from the menu that opens:
    • "Gallery" to upload an image present in the smartphone memory to the service.
    • "Camera" to create a new photo with your smartphone and then set it as your profile photo in Viber.
  3. To change your own name in Messenger, enter it from the virtual keyboard, which will be available after touching the first field in the list below the profile photo.
  4. In the next field of the list, we indicate the date of our birth to restrict (if the account is used by a child) or allow the reception of prohibited content for children under 16 years of age. In addition to preventing the possibility of delivery of undesirable information for children, the field in question restricts the use of certain functions of the courier, for example, making purchases in the Sticker Store and using the Viber Wallet After touching the item "Age", A calendar opens, where you must select the year, month and day of your birth and confirm the accuracy of the specified data by tapping "To accept" .
  5. We link the email to your Viber account. This action is optional, but the creators of Viber recommend that you provide them with your mailbox address to increase the level of security of the account owner in the system. In addition, those who have mail linked to the service have the following benefits:
    • A free account is automatically created allowing you to access all the services of Viber's parent company, Rakuten;
    • A sticker pack is provided as a gift for creating an account;
    • A subscription to an email newsletter is subscribed, allowing you to be among the first to know about the appearance of additional features in the messenger, new sticker packs, etc.
    • Exclusive offers.

    Once you have entered the email in the corresponding field and left the configuration of your profile, you must confirm the email address by opening the letter sent by the system with the subject "Welcome to Viber!" and tapping the link button «Verify email» in the body of the message.


  6. Social media. You can also upload your own name and photo to the messenger using the function of linking your Facebook or Vkontakte account to Viber. To do this, touch the icon of the desired service in the area with the photo, then provide access to your profile information on the social network.
  7. To save changes made to account information, Android users need to tap the button "Return" at the top of the screen on the left, and for iPhone owners, click "Clever" .

Interface appearance

Of course, the appearance of the Viber client application does not affect the performance of user tasks, but the ability to change the appearance of the interface makes the operation of the service more comfortable and convenient.

  1. Changing the subject. To « Return to paint »the application interface elements in dark tones or return the messenger to the "default" view, open the "Settings" in the section "More" and go to «Topics» Then, depending on the desired effect, enable or disable the option "Dark theme" .


    The design of the Viber application client interface changes instantly and dramatically.


  2. In addition to the general appearance of the application, using the configuration section that was opened during the previous step, it is possible to set a custom background for group dialogues and chats. Click on the option name "Change default background" and then select a new background from a fairly extensive set of images. Having found a suitable background, we tap on its thumbnail.In the Android version of Viber, in addition to the images of the preset set, you can use an image from the «Gallery» of your smartphone as a background for dialogues and groups and also create a new photo using the camera.


  3. If the idea of ​​changing the background of the chat screens seems interesting, it can be expanded by decorating the background of each dialogue and group chat made through the messenger with a separate image. To do this, you need to go to the designed chat, open the element «Information and configuration» in your menu, call the function "Add background to chat" . As a result, it will be possible to choose a photo from the Viber standard set or from those available in the phone's storage, as well as create a new image for the background using the device's camera. This is how it works on Android: And this is the way to set a new background for a separate chat, it must go through the messenger on the iPhone:



Disabling one or more section options "Privacy" in Viber settings allows users to restrict the transfer of information about their own activity on the messenger to other participants.


  1. The item "On-line" allows disabling the display of an inscription visible to other people registered in the system and unequivocally indicating the fact that the user is online or showing the time of the last time they entered the information exchange system. The transmission of the described status to the service stops after you uncheck the box next to the name of the specified option in the menu of the Android device or turn off the switch on the iPhone.
  2. "Viewed" - If the recipient of the messages disables this option, the senders will not know the facts of seeing all the messages sent to the first one (the status of the message shown to other service members will remain forever as "Delivered, not seen" ).
  3. Those users who want to avoid the possibility of seeing their photo by the owners of Viber accounts not included in the «Contacts» they can disable the option «Show photo» (in the messenger for iOS - «Show my photo» ).
  4. Users who often exchange information with strangers or operate dubious services within the system in question are advised to prohibit the use of peer-to-peer technology unchecking the box next to the item of the same name in the section "Privacy" . of the Android application or by moving the corresponding switch to the position of off on the iOS client.


For active Viber users, its client application, constantly remembering your presence on a smartphone, sometimes becomes a "headache." The fact is that the reception of all system messages, the activity of the participants in group chats, the appearance of publications in public accounts and other events in the messenger are accompanied by the display of notifications and sound alerts by default.

  1. If Viber manifests itself too often, you should open the «Configuration» of the client application and go to the section "Notifications" Here it is possible to disable all alerts that have become too intrusive.


  2. If you need to turn off the sounds that Viber plays when certain events occur, follow the link below and follow the recommendations in the article that opens Read more: Turn off the sound in Viber messenger

Calls and messages

The configuration section "Calls and Messages" As the name implies, it allows you to adjust the parameters of the two main functions of the messenger to some extent. Let's consider the purpose of the options available here in more detail.


  1. When deactivating Viber In Calls , the user revokes his consent to receive calls that are not related to the Viber network through the authorized messaging client application. It is advisable to disable the option if you do not plan to use the Viber Out service.
  2. The next available option is to stop receive service messages . It is quite a logical step if the chosen model of using Viber involves communicating exclusively with people entered in your own address book.
  3. "Proximity sensor" . It is difficult to imagine a situation where it is advisable to prohibit the operation of the module that turns off the screen of the smartphone when it is brought to the ear during a call through Viber. However, in the Android environment, this operation can be performed by unchecking the check box next to the corresponding item in the Messenger settings.
  4. «Enter password» (the option is present only in the Android version of the service client). After activating this setting, the function and appearance of the line feed button on the virtual keyboard that appears when writing a message within a dialogue or group chat in Viber will be replaced by "Send" When preparing a voluminous message to send via Viber, this approach is not entirely correct, since it deprives the user of the opportunity to form a text divided into paragraphs. For example, instead of a message consisting of three semantic parts, for which the recipient uses "Entry" to separate them, if this option is enabled, three short messages will be sent to the recipient.
  5. By clicking on the item "Translation of messages" in the options list "Calls and messages" You can select and set the language to which the text of the sent and received messages will be translated after it is processed by Viber's built-in translator.

Data and multimedia

In some cases, the reception and transmission of a large amount of multimedia information through Viber should be limited to save the traffic generated by the messenger, as well as to prevent the smartphone storage from being cluttered with unnecessary photos and videos. The list of parameters that allow you to achieve the above is available in the "Data and multimedia" section of the «Configuration» of the client application of the system in question.


  1. "Automatic upload in GSM network" (in the iOS environment the name is different - "Autoloading content" ). When this option is enabled, photos, videos, and GIFs sent by callers to Viber will not automatically download to the user's device memory if using mobile internet. Thus, the amount of data received through a network with limited access is reduced.At the same time, photo thumbnails and video previews will not stop showing in chat, and to view the content of interest in full screen mode, it will be possible to download it manually.
  2. «Automatic download via Wi-Fi» (on the iPhone, the option is called «Save to gallery» ) is an option similar to the one described above, which implies restricting the automatic download of multimedia files from the messenger, but already in Wi-Fi networks. , which saves space on mobile device storage.
  3. "Play videos automatically" - This option must be enabled if the playback of videos received through Viber should start immediately after opening a dialogue or group chat through which the content was sent. Actually, this approach is implemented with some delay: the video will start to play only after it is fully loaded into the memory of the smartphone.
  4. "Limit traffic" - Activating this setting, according to the developers of Viber clients, in addition to disabling the automatic upload of multimedia files, allows you to reduce the amount of data received through mobile networks, which is necessary for users who cannot connect to unlimited internet.

Configure chat history backup

To reduce the negative consequences of Messenger malfunction, rash user actions, as well as problems that can occur on the device where Viber is installed, all users are advised to provide an automatic backup of their correspondence history , which is scheduled to take place in the future. This is available after going to the section "Account" of the «Configuration» of the application.


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Other settings

The last section with the Viber parameters that can be changed is at the end of the list available after calling the menu "Settings" and is called "General" .


Note that Android users will find more opportunities here than those using the iPhone version of messaging. Due to the closed nature of Apple's mobile operating system, the latter can activate / deactivate only two of the options described below (Nos. 3 and 4), the rest are configured by iOS in automatic mode.


  1. "Idiom" - By tapping this item, you can almost instantly change the location of the messaging application client (by default, the interface translation corresponds to that specified in the Android operating system).
  2. The "icon in the status bar" It is more of a "decorative" function, but if the display of all Viber notifications is prohibited, the inclusion of the notification of the occurrence of events in the messenger showing small icons at the top of the smartphone screen may be acceptable and convenient.
  3. Browsing web pages and taking other actions available on the sites after clicking the link received through Viber in a message is often more convenient than not in the messenger, but in the browser, which is set as the default in the telephone. To launch a full web browser when you touch a chat link, you must disable the option "Open links in the application" .
  4. To increase the level of user privacy in Viber provided the opportunity to "Use a proxy server" ( "Use of the proxy" on the iPhone). By providing the system with proxy parameters by entering them into the fields on the screen that opens after calling this function, you can practically eliminate the likelihood of personal data leakage in the process of using the service in question.
  5. "Wi-Fi on hold" . By selecting "Always in store « In the window that appears after touching this item, the user theoretically shortens the time to receive a particular notification from the messenger. Note that this approach will reduce the battery life of the device, so it is recommended to leave the value intact "Predetermined" here.


As you can see, there are many changeable parameters in the mobile versions of Viber, and sometimes after a thoughtless choice of their values, which means unsatisfactory results as a result of the configuration, users think about the possibility of "return all as was." In fact, this is very simple, and the registration information, «Contacts» , the list of chats in progress (including hidden dialogs) and their content are saved after reboot.

  1. We passed by the route "Settings" - "General" .
  2. We touch the element "Reset Viber Settings" and we confirm the request received by clicking on "CONTINUE" . Literally in a moment, all the application parameters changed by the user previously will return to their original values.


The above can serve as a guide for users taking the first steps to mastering one of the most popular instant messengers, and is also intended to help experienced Viber account holders to more effectively use the features of the Viber system. information exchange.