Video stabilization in Sony Vegas Pro

It is not always the case that a video recorded in a certain format is of sufficient quality in terms of stabilization. This may be due to shooting conditions, equipment used, or other factors. In that case, when direct editing is performed, it is necessary to stabilize the image, so as not to spoil the impression when viewed. Normally, this adjustment is carried out with the help of special software. Next we will see an example of stabilization in Sony Vegas Pro 16.

Video stabilization in Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro 16 is the latest version of the popular video editor. Among the many present innovations and completely redesigned stabilization tool, where a new algorithm and certain features have been added. Therefore, we will consider the procedure of performing the task exactly in the example of this assembly. Let's start to analyze the operation step by step to know each point in detail.

Step 1: Create a new project and upload the video

Of course, the first priority is to create a new project, where all the necessary materials are placed. Experienced users already working in Sony Vegas will easily cope with this step, but beginners may encounter difficulties. Therefore, we recommend using the following guide for these users:

    1. Launch Sony Vegas and through the menu "File". proceed to create a blank project.
    2. In the configuration window that opens, adjust everything to your needs. If not necessary, just click "AGREE".to complete the configuration and leave all parameters at their default values.
    3. Click on the icon "Opened"which is designed as an orange folder on the top panel.

  1. В "The Wire". find the video and add it to the project.
  2. Move it from the shared library to the timeline to get started.

Step 2: Add the stabilization effect

Like the other special effects, stabilization is in the common library. Each effect is added to the project separately, and then adjustments and other actions begin.

    1. Open tab "Tools". In the pop-up menu, move the cursor to "Video" and select the item "Media FX".

  1. A comfortable library will be displayed before you in which you will have to scroll almost to the end of the list to find «VEGAS video stabilization». Select this line with the left mouse click.
  2. Then click "Add" и "AGREE".to leave the library.

If you want to apply other special effects that affect the display of the finished movie now, it is best to do so after stabilization, otherwise artifacts or other interference may occur.

Step 3: Stabilization Adjustment

Now let's move on to the most difficult process: adjusting the stabilization, because the final result depends on it. Of course, you only have to move a few sliders, but the main thing is to do it as correctly as possible to achieve perfect playback.

  1. In the configuration window, immediately change the appearance so that all the necessary parameters appear. To do this, open the drop-down menu "User view". and select the line "Professional"..
  2. Standard variants of the stabilization and motion compensation method are "Exactly". и "Translation".therefore it is recommended to select these values ​​as well.
  3. Press «Analyze the movement»to start a motion stabilization operation.
  4. Wait for the process to complete. The speed depends on the power of the computer and the length of the video.
  5. You can start previewing the recording to see what you've achieved by applying the special effect. In the preview window, there may be some minor hiccups during playback, but there won't be any in the finished work.
  6. Now turn off the black bars around the edges, if such a feature is available in your build. Also, adjust the scale using «Additional zoom».to prevent black bars from appearing on the frame.
  7. Function "Additional rotation" allows you to invert the image by the desired number of degrees.
  8. If you want to save the current settings, name the preset and press the corresponding button.
  9. Then all you need to do is carefully review the video again to make sure the special effects are applied properly, and send it to the renderer.

In the scope of this article, we have not considered the expert mode when applying the stabilization effect, since fine adjustment is only necessary in professional projects. If you are still interested in carrying out such configuration, we advise you to read the manuals directly from the developers of the program itself or from professionals. These materials usually inform about the application of each existing slider and show when and how it should be done.

Arranging the stabilization of camera shake in your video is just one of the many functions built into the Sony Vegas professional video editor. Above we have detailed the use of this tool. If you are interested in using other features, go to a separate article on this topic on our site. There you will find a detailed description of the most varied and interesting moments of the interaction with this software.

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