See the blacklist on iPhone and Android

See the blacklist on iPhone and Android


Blocking a phone number on Android mobile devices can be done in two ways: using a system tool implemented on the basis of the standard "dialer" or, usually more efficient, one of the specialized applications from third-party developers. . How an entry is added to the blacklist determines how it can be viewed. If you use the pre-installed phone, refer to its configuration, if you use third-party software - to its menu or to the profile parameters. In both cases you can unlock the device. For more details on how to solve the problem mentioned in the title, see the instructions below.

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Similar to Android, iOS also has a built-in means of blocking unknown numbers, available on the standard "Phone." But to see the entries thus added to the black list, it is necessary to refer not to the "caller", but to the configuration of the mobile operating system. From there you can delete contacts or, conversely, add new ones yourself using the phonebook search. There is also the possibility of blocking numbers using third-party applications and, therefore, to see them you have to go to the corresponding section of the menu. You can obtain more information about all the nuances of the procedure, specific to each of the above cases, in a separate article on our website.

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