View old messages in Skype

View old messages in Skype

Various circumstances make you remember, and see your Skype correspondence for quite some time. But unfortunately old messages are not always visible in the program. Let's find out how to view old messages on Skype.

Where are my messages stored?

First of all, let's find out where the messages are stored, because that way we'll understand where they need to be 'retrieved' from.

The point is that, 30 days after sending it, the message is stored in the cloud of the Skype service, and if you go to your account from any computer, during that period of time, it will be available everywhere. After 30 days, the message will be deleted from the cloud, but it will remain in the Skype software on the computers where you have signed in to your account during that period. Therefore, 1 month after you sent the message, it is only stored on your computer's hard drive. Therefore, it is worth looking for old messages on your hard drive.

How to do it, we will talk below.

Activating the display of old messages

To see the old messages, you have to select the desired user in your contacts and click on it with the cursor. Then in the chat window that appears, scroll up the page. The higher the messages scroll, the older they will be.

If you don't see all of your old messages, even though you remember seeing them in your account on this particular computer, you may need to increase the display time of the messages. Let's see how to do it.

Navigate sequentially through the Skype menu items: "Tools" and "Settings ...".

Once in the Skype settings, go to "Chats and SMS".

In the subsection "Chat settings" that opens, click "Open advanced settings".

A window opens in which there are a lot of settings that regulate chat activities. We are specifically interested in the line "Save history ...".

The following options are available for the message saving period:

  • are not saved;
  • 2 weeks;
  • 1 month;
  • 3 months;
  • forever.

To have access to the messages for the entire program period, the "Always" setting must be set. After configuring these settings, click the "Save" button.

View old messages from the database

But if, for some reason, the desired message in the chat still did not appear, there is an opportunity to view the messages from a database located on the hard drive of your computer, using specialized programs. One of the most convenient applications of this type is SkypeLogView. The good news is that it requires minimal user knowledge to manage the data visualization process.

But, before launching this application, you need to set the exact location of the Skype data folder on your hard drive. To do this, type the key combination Win + R. Open the "Run" window. Enter the command "% APPDATA% Skype" without quotes and click "OK".

An explorer window opens, in which we are taken to the directory where the Skype data is located. Next, navigate to the folder with the account whose old messages you want to see.

Once in this folder, copy the address from Explorer's address bar. It is the address that we will need when we work with the SkypeLogView program.

Then start the SkypeLogView utility. Go to the "File" section of your menu. Then, in the list that appears, select "Select folder with logs".

In the window that opens, paste the address of the Skype folder that you copied earlier. Let us observe that in front of the option «Load records only for the specified period» there was no mark, after all having established it, the search period for old messages is narrowed. Then click the OK button.

A log of messages, calls and other events opens before us. In it you can see the date and time of the message, as well as the nickname of the interlocutor with whom the message was written. Of course, if you do not remember at least the approximate date of the message you want, it is difficult to find it in the large amount of data.

To see the actual content of this message, click on it.

A window opens in which you can, in the "Chat message" field, read what was said in the selected message.

As you can see, old messages can be viewed by extending their viewing period through the Skype interface or by using third-party applications that extract the desired information from the database. However, you should keep in mind that if you have never opened a particular message on your computer, and it has been more than 1 month since it was sent, then it is unlikely that you will be able to view those messages even with the help of third-party utilities.

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