View PC specs in Windows 8

To know if your PC meets the minimum requirements of any game, you need to know its specifications. But what if the user has forgotten or even doesn't know what kind of padding is on their PC? In these cases, you can easily find out everything about your device. In this article, we will see how to do it in Windows 8.

Looking at computer specs in Windows 8

To find out what your device consists of, you can use both standard system tools and additional software. In this article you will find some of the most popular programs of this type, as well as you will learn where in Windows itself you can see the information that interests you.

Method 1: Speccy

Speccy is a great program from famous Piriform developers, who gave us CCleaner. It has many advantages: it supports the Russian language, it works with a lot of hardware and, like many Piriform products, it is free.

With its help, you can easily find out all the necessary information about your computer: CPU model, operating system version, amount of RAM, CPU and hard disk temperature and much more.

Method 2: HWInfo

HWInfo is a small but powerful program that will show you a lot of information, both necessary and unnecessary (if you are not an expert). With its help you will not only be able to look at the characteristics of your PC, but also update the drivers and know the capabilities of your hardware (overclocking, temperature, etc.). This utility is definitely worth paying attention to.

Download HWInfo from the official website

Method 3: Internal Tools

There are several ways to view the characteristics of the computer using the built-in tools.

  • Invoke the dialog "Run". with a hotkey Win + X and type the command dxdiag. Here, looking carefully at all the tabs, you will be able to know all the characteristics of the device that interests you.

  • The second way is to open the window in the same way "Run". and enter another command msinfo32. Here you can also know all the features of your PC, but also examine the hardware of the device in more detail.

  • And one more way: right-click on the shortcut This computer. and select the line "Properties".. In the window that opens, you can also view the system properties.

In this article, we have seen several ways to find out what your computer is made of. Now, by selecting a game or some demanding program, you can guess if it will run on your device. We hope you have learned something new and useful.

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