VKontakte Music Download in Opera Browser

VKontakte Music Download in Opera Browser

The web resource VKontakte has long since ceased to be an ordinary social network. It is the largest communication portal, which houses a huge amount of content, including music. In this sense, the task of downloading music from this service to your computer becomes relevant, especially since there are no usual tools for it. Let's find out how to download music from VK with the help of Opera browser.

VK Music Download in Opera

With standard browser tools, you can not download music from VKontakte, but with the help of special extensions to do so is not difficult. Let's talk about the most convenient of them.

Method 1: "Download VKontakte Music".

One of the most popular extensions specialized in VK music download is "Download Music VKontakte".

Install the "Download Music from VKontakte" extension.

    1. To download it, go to Opera's main menu and from the list that appears, select "Extensions".. Then go to section "Cargo extensions"..
    2. It takes us to the Opera Extensions website. We type it in the search box. "Download music from VKontakte". and click the button to start the search.

    1. In the list of outputs, choose the first result and click on it.
    2. We reached the extension's installation page. Click the big green button "Add to Opera"..
    3. The installation process begins, during which the button turns yellow.
    4. After the installation is complete, the button turns green again and shows "Installed"..

  1. Now, to check the functionality of the extension, go to any page of the social network VKontakte, where the music tracks are published. There is a button to the left of its name, which must be pressed to save the audio file on your PC.
  2. The download will be done with the standard browser tools.

Method 2: SaveFrom.net Help

The next extension that allows you to download audio recordings from VKontakte and other popular services is called SaveFrom.net helper, but unlike the previous one, you can also use it to download videos.

Install the SaveFrom.net helper

  1. Install this extension through the official Opera store using the same algorithm as the one for "Download VKontakte Music" discussed above.
  2. After installing SaveFrom.net, when you go to the VKontakte page where the audio is published, hover your mouse over the name of the file you want to download. An icon with the SaveFrom logo will appear to the right of the file name. Hovering over it will display information about the size in megabytes and the bit rate. Click the left mouse button on the icon to start downloading the selected music file.
  3. The window for saving the file will appear. Navigate there to the directory where you want to put the downloaded audio file and click the button "Save"..
  4. The music will be saved to the specified location on the computer's hard drive and will be available for offline listening using standard media players.

Method 3: VkOpt

One of the best extensions to work with the VKontakte social network through the Opera browser is VkOpt. Unlike plugins as specialized as the previous one, in addition to downloading music and videos, it offers a large number of other possibilities to work with this service. But we will stop exactly at downloading audio files.

Download VkOpt for Opera

  1. After installing VkOpt, go to the VKontakte social network. As you can see, its use brings significant changes to the interface of this resource. To go to the extension settings, click on the triangle near the user's avatar.
  2. On the menu that appears, click "VkOpt"..
  3. Let's go to the VkOpt configuration. Be sure to check the box next to "Downloading audio". the checkbox was checked. Only in this case will it be possible to download music from VKontakte through this extension.
  4. Now we can safely navigate to any VKontakte page that has audio tracks. As you can see, now when you hover over any track on the social network, an icon appears in the shape of an arrow pointing downwards. To start the download, click on it.
  5. The download is transferred to the standard Opera browser tool designed for downloading files.
  6. Once completed, you can listen to the music by launching the file with any audio player. You can download music from VKontakte to your computer not only with Opera, but also in other browsers, using add-ons or special programs. Also, the same task can be performed on an Android and iOS mobile phone.

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As you can see, the only convenient way to download music from the VKontakte social network is to install special plugins. If you also do not need to expand the possibilities of working with this social network, it is better to install narrowly specialized tools "Download VKontakte Music" or SaveFrom. If you want not only to get the opportunity to download music, but also to significantly expand the functionality of the interaction with the VKontakte service, the best option would be to use VkOpt.

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