Recording Voice and Video Calls in Viber

Recording Voice and Video Calls in Viber


It is difficult to argue with the fact that Viber, as part of its purpose, provides everything necessary for effective communication and data exchange over the Internet. At the same time, some of the functions demanded by users in certain situations are not provided in the messenger. In the next article we will talk about recording voice and video calls - despite the absence of such an option in Viber client applications, it is quite possible to record and save the multimedia data stream generated during a VoIP call to a file.

How to record a Viber conversation

Depending on the device used to access the messenger, there are several different approaches to solving the problem expressed in the title of the article. Here's how you can organize the call recording process on Android devices, iPhones, and Windows PCs, but a word of caution first:

Regardless of the purpose of recording a conversation with another person, know that in almost any country in the world this action, carried out without notifying the interlocutor and without obtaining their permission to record and / or use the resulting recording in any way, constitutes a violation of the law.


To solve the task of recording the conversations organized using Viber for Android, users of this variant of the messaging application can take advantage of one of the tools created by third-party developers and available in abundance on the Google Play Market.

Method 1: voice calls

If your goal is to get a recording only of voice calls made via messenger, you have at your disposal a large number of audio recorders capable of operating effectively in a "green robot" environment. Representatives of this software work on the same principle, and one of the simplest and most effective tools of this kind is called ACR cube.. The application is universal, that is, it offers the opportunity to record practically any call, including VoIP calls made through Viber, without any problem.

Download the call recording application - Cube ACR from Google Play Market

  1. Install the tool from the Google Play Store by following the link above.
  2. Launch the ACR Cube and configure the application settings:
    • Press "Next". on the screen that appears when you run the tool for the first time. Now, after reviewing the information in the window that appears, press "TO ACCEPT"..
    • The next screen displays a list of Android modules that the application needs to access to effectively perform its functions. Click here "PREVIOUS".and then issue the permits,

      confirming the OS requests that appear.

    • Press ENABLE. upon request to grant Cube ACR permission to work on other applications. Then activate the corresponding option button on the screen that appears and press "Behind"..
    • Touch "ENABLE THE APPLICATION CONNECTOR". On the screen that appears "Special features".in the field of «DOWNLOADED SERVICES» Pulse "Most loaded services".. Then press "Cube ACR App Connector"Move the switch "Enable capacity." to position "Activated".. Confirm the system request by pressing "AGREE".. Then return to the Cube ACR program screen by pressing twice "Behind"..

    • Click on «ADD THE CUBE TO THE AUTOMATIC START»If desired, activate this option using the radio button next to the name of the application in the list that opens.
    • On the next screen, it is recommended to press "SKIP".But you can follow the on-screen instructions displayed by the app if you understand what it's about.
    • Turn on Geotargeting.pressing "Yes".or reject the options described on the device screen by tapping "NO THANKS"..
    • Access the main menu of Cube ACR by clicking on the three dashes at the top of the screen on the left, go to "Recording".. Disable the first option "Automatic recording"Unless you absolutely want all your phone calls to be recorded automatically and without your intervention.
    • Scroll through the menu "Recording settings" and press "Registry services". Low. "Others". In this article we are dealing with the issue of fixing calls made exclusively through Viber, so in the list shown uncheck the names of other messengers and the element "Mobile phone calls."and then press "AGREE"..
    • This completes the configuration of the application, you can exit it and proceed to the implementation of your goal.
  3. Recording conversations.
    • Outgoing calls: Launch Viber for Android and in any usual way initiate a call to another member of the system (either with or without video).

      The moment you press the button. "Call". the ACR Cube widget will appear on the mobile phone screen in the messenger - press the button "Microphone".to start recording the audio stream generated by the phone's audio devices. Press this button again to stop recording.

    • Incoming calls: Everything is done in the same way as described above for outgoing calls, only the button "Record". it must be pressed until "picks up the phone" - the Cube ACR application widget always appears at the top of the screen showing the incoming call.
  4. Operations with audio recordings.

Method 2: Video Calls

As in the case of voice calls, to capture video calls made through the Viber messenger, you will need a third-party tool from Google Play Market. All the applications that solve this problem work on the principle of recording the information displayed on the Android device with the simultaneous capture of the audio from the microphone. In other words, to record a video call you can use practically any application designed to create screencasts in the Android environment.

For example, we will use one of the tools that stands out among other similar ones, only with a more appropriate name for the subject of our article - Video call recorder.

Download Video Call Recorder Google Play Market

  1. Follow the link above and install Video Call Recorder from Google Play Android App Store.
  2. Open the video call recorder. In order to fully perform its functions, the application will need access to various Android modules: provide the necessary permissions in the request boxes that appear when launching the application for the first time.
  3. Essentially, the program is ready to serve its purpose. Collapse the video call recorder, open Viber and go to the screen from which it is possible to start a video call.
  4. Go to the recorder and tap the button "Video camera".. After three seconds (the delay can be adjusted in the application settings), the recording of the information that appears on the screen of the mobile phone and, simultaneously, the sound of its microphone will start. When you start recording for the first time, there will be a warning that the software will access the image on the screen - check the box below it "Show no more." and then press "Starts"..
  5. Go to messenger and make a video call.
  6. When the call ends, return to the video call recorder and press "For".The resulting recording will immediately appear at the top of the application screen as a preview with a title. This completes the task of recording a video call made via messenger.
  7. Also, you can trim the resulting video, which is necessary in most cases. To do this, touch the name of the video recording result on the video call recorder screen, then touch the three dots next to the file name to open the action menu and select «Edit video».Next, slide the sliders to the right and left in the video clip panel, eliminating unnecessary clips at the beginning and end of the recording. When you have finished editing, press SAVE..
  8. Now you can perform various manipulations with the video files obtained as a result of this instruction directly on the recorder or by opening the folder located in the device storage "Video Call Recorder" with the help of any "Driver". for Android.


Regarding Viber for iOS, in the aspect of being able to record conversations, we would have to affirm that there are no viable tools to implement the function provided here. If you enter something like the title of this article as a search query in the App Store, you will find a lot of programs that supposedly perform this function, but in reality they all turn out to be, say, bogus. All that downloading this type of software can cause is a waste of time and frustration and, in the worst case, loss of money if you forget to unsubscribe from useless software.

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In addition to the above, iPhone users try to use "home" methods such as using a speakerphone and voice recorder to record VoIP conversations, buy specialized devices connected to the mobile phone, and even hack iOS via Jailbreak (something we categorically do not recommend doing. ). Of course, these approaches can hardly be considered rational.

If you have an Apple smartphone and need to record a planned conversation via Viber, install the messaging clone app on your PC, resulting in the ability to record the call by following one of the instructions presented in the next section of our article.

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To record the incoming and outgoing calls made through Viber for PC, one of the many software tools designed to work in the Windows environment can be applied. Next, we are going to consider two of the most effective specialized software options, assuming the solution of the article title problem.

Method 1: UV Sound Recorder (voice calls only)

UV SoundRecorder - is a versatile solution created to capture the sound generated by your computer applications. The program will allow you to easily record an incoming or outgoing voice call made through Viber messenger for Windows.

Download the UV SoundRecorder program from the official website

  1. Following the link above, download the UV SoundRecorder distribution file from the developer's website. Then decompress the obtained.
  2. Open the distribution and, following the instructions in the setup wizard,

    Install the software.

  3. Launch the UW SoundRecorder, define its settings:
    • "Recording devices". - By default, the software detects the currently active audio devices on your PC and displays their names in its window. Here you can adjust the audio playback volume and microphone sensitivity levels. If you need to activate other audio devices during a Viber call, switch to them using Windows tools.

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    • "Quality (size)" of the resulting audio file. Adjust this setting using the bit rate slider.
    • «Save to file (s)» - by clicking the button "..." next to the path entry field, navigate to the directory where the call logs will be placed.
      Specify the file name of the future recording, click "Save"..
    • UV SoundRecorder is a universal audio recording solution, offering the ability to put audio streams captured from input and output devices into separate files. From the point of view of recording a conversation made through Vyber such an approach in most cases does not make sense, so leave the radio button under the field, where the data saving path is specified, in the position "Single file.".
  4. Now you are all set to record Viber conversations on your computer:
    • Open the messenger, get ready to make a call to one or the other subscriber.
    • Go to the UW SoundRecorder window, click "Record"..
    • Initiate and make a voice call to another user through Viber.
    • When the call ends, press "For". in the audio recording application window.
    • An incoming call is recorded in the same way as the previous one. Just click "Record". in the UV SoundRecorder window before answering the call in messenger, and after finishing the conversation, press "For"..
  5. You will then have the opportunity to "Misses". the audio recorder created by the recorder, and"Open folder" with your source file

    to perform any manipulation of it.

Method 2: Callnote (voice and video calls)

If the possibilities offered by the above sound recording tool seem insufficient to you, for example, there is a need to record not only voice, but also Viber video calls, it makes sense to turn to more functional solutions. One of the most convenient and effective products of this type is software Call note.

Download the Callnote Viber Recorder software from the official website

The program described below is distributed on a conditional basis and free of charge. As for Viber, you can fully use the free version of Callnote, but with a limit of 10 call records per month. For most users, this is sufficient, but if not, you will have to purchase a subscription once the limit is exhausted.

  1. Callnote Viber Recorder Installation
  2. Open call note. At the first start, you will see a box asking you to enter the email address you provided before downloading the distribution from the developer's site; do it and then click "LOG IN"..
  3. Program settings. Click on the icon Viber. in the toolbar of the software available for the tool, then depending on your own needs, check or uncheck the boxes:
    • "Always start recording after starting a call" - to automate the procedure of recording calls made through Viber.
    • "Record a video". - if it is necessary to capture not only the audio, but also the video stream generated during communication with the messenger.
    • Go to the section "SETTINGS" in the menu on the left of the program window by clicking on the link "Change". versus option "Call Notes Folder"Select the directory on the PC drive where the audio and video files generated by the program will be saved.
    • Click the cross in the header of the Callnote window. This will minimize the program to the Windows tray while it continues to run.
  4. Recording process:
    • Automatically. As long as you have activated the option "Always start recording after initiating a call." In the Callnote Viber Recorder settings, you just need to use the audio and video calls feature through Viber as usual. In this option, all conversations, regardless of their type, will be automatically recorded. The widget that appears at the top of the desktop when a call is initiated or an incoming call is received from another messenger user indicates that a recording is in progress Callnote widget..

      While the conversation is in progress, its fixation can be stopped with the button. "Stop" in the widget and resume by clicking "REC".

    • Manually. If you have not activated the automatic consignment option, the Callnote widget appears on the screen when you press the key. "Call". on your messenger or when you receive an incoming call from it on your computer. To start recording, click "REC", and to stop it. "STOP".
  5. Work with records. As a result of the operation of the program, files are created on the PC disk MP4, if the option is activated "Record a video".o MP3When Callnote is configured to record audio only. The files can be accessed by navigating to the specified directory to save them using "Explorer". Windows: It is more convenient to use the recorder tools to manage recordings:
    • Pull down the Callnote window and click on the tab on the left panel "LIBRARY".
    • Here is a list of all the recordings created by the program, each of which can be played immediately, deleted

      and send it over the Internet to a cloud storage service, for example.


As you can see, in almost all cases, using simple tricks and software available to everyone, you can very quickly organize the recording of voice and / or video calls initiated in Viber messenger. It is recommended to use this function only when it is really necessary and without violating the privacy of your interlocutors.

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