Ways to increase cache in Opera browser

The browser cache is designed to store the web pages viewed in a specific directory on the hard drive. It facilitates quick navigation to the resources already visited without having to redownload the Internet pages. However, the total number of pages that are downloaded into the cache depends on the amount of space allocated for it on your hard drive. Let's find out how to increase cache in Opera.

Change Opera browser cache on Blink platform

Unfortunately, in newer versions of Opera powered by Blink, there is no option to change the cache size through the browser interface. So we're going to go a different way where we don't even have to open the web browser.

Right-click on the Opera shortcut on the desktop. In the context menu that appears, select Properties.

In the window opened in the tab «Direct access» in the line «Object» to an available register add the expression with the following pattern: -disk-cache-dir = »x» -disk-cache-size = y, where x - full path to the cached folder, ey - size allocated for it in bytes.

Thus, for example, if we want to place a directory with cache files in the directory on drive C called "CacheOpera", and with a size of 500 MB, the entry would be the following: --disk-cache-dir="C:CacheOpera" --disk-cache-size=524288000. This is because 500MB equals 524288000 bytes.

After making the entry, click the "OK" button.

As a consequence, the cache of the Opera browser has increased.

Increase cache in Opera browser on Presto engine

In older versions of the Opera browser, powered by Presto (up to and including version 12.18), which are still used by a significant number of users, the cache can be increased through the browser interface.

After launching the browser, open the menu by clicking on the Opera logo in the upper left corner of the browser window. In the list that appears, go through the "Settings" and "General Settings" categories one by one. You can also simply press Ctrl + F12.

In the browser settings, go to the "Advanced" tab.

Then go to the "History" section.

In the "Disk cache" line, select the maximum possible size from the drop-down list: 400 MB, which is 8 times more than the default 50 MB.

Then click on the "OK" button.

This increases the disk cache of the Opera browser.

As we can see, if in the versions of Opera on the Presto engine, the process of increasing the cache could be done through the browser interface, and this procedure was, in general, intuitive, then in the modern versions of this Web browser on the Blink engine requires special knowledge to resize the directory allocated for file caching.

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