Ways to recover deleted photos on WhatsApp

Ways to recover deleted photos on WhatsApp

Method 1: Find photos on your device

The internal tools of the WhatsApp app for Android and iOS, unfortunately, cannot directly recover deleted messages or any content, including images. That said, it's still possible to access incoming data if you haven't manually edited the mobile client's default settings, or at least disabled the autosave feature.

  1. First of all, make sure that the application settings are in the correct state by opening "Settings". through the main menu by selecting the section "Data and storage". and draw attention to the values ​​of the category Media Autoload.. If the connection you are using has "Photo". o "All Media Files"The data should have been saved, otherwise searching for something in the gallery would be pointless.
  2. If the data is automatically saved in the media library of the device, there will be no problem searching, since it is enough to open the complete list of albums and select "Whatsapp" o «WhatsApp images». This is where all the multimedia files that you have received through the messenger in question are presented, without any other separation.
  3. This solution is primarily aimed at Android devices, as on iOS, even with autosave enabled, files will not be downloaded to the media library without any additional action on your part. Also, it will not allow you to recover the data sent through the chat and later deleted from the device – in this case, follow the other instructions.

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Method 2: Restore from backups

Using backups saved in iCloud or Google Drive, depending on the operating system, is literally the only way to restore photos, but only if certain steps have been taken beforehand. If you are sure that there is no suitable data, for example, if there is no synchronization with your Google account, following the additional instruction will not get you anywhere, as there are no workarounds.

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  1. When using an Android mobile phone, the last copy time should be checked first. To do this, tap on the three vertically arranged dots on the right side of the top panel of the app, go to "Settings". and select a category "Cats"..

    On the indicated screen, locate and open the subsection "Chat Backup". and immediately note when data was last saved to cloud storage "Google Drive". If a copy has been created between the date of sending and the date of deletion of the messages, it can be restored.

  2. You can't quit or reset the WhatsApp app with standard system tools, so you'll have to reinstall it. To facilitate the task, you can go to the official page in the app store and use the button "Uninstall" button. followed by confirmation of the procedure.

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  3. After completing the procedure on the same market page, press "Install".Confirm the app download and wait for it to launch. Then press the button "Opened". and start the adjustment again.

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  4. On the welcome screen, use the key "Accept and continue." and in the next step, enter the phone number. when prompted "Confirm number".which is not always necessary, enter the code from the SMS message.
  5. In the pop-up window "Restore Backup" touch the link "Following" and when you're done searching for data in Google Drive, tap "Restore".. The subsequent process is carried out fully automatically, where the waiting time depends directly on the amount of information.

    If the procedure is completed successfully, a corresponding notification will appear on the screen with the option to go to the main page of the messenger. Media files may not appear immediately, but after some time as they are downloaded in the background.

  6. Also note that all messages and files sent after backup will be gone from messenger once restored. Unfortunately, it is not possible to combine the saving of these entries and the deleted photos, but on the other hand, the copies will remain in the hands of the interlocutors.


  1. On an iOS mobile phone, the steps are not much different than on an Android mobile phone, so to start with, you need to check the time of the last backup. To do this, use the bottom panel to go to "Settings"., open "Cats"., select "Backup". and note the sync date, which must be between the time the photo was published and the time it was deleted.
  2. If the above condition is met, you should, again, get rid of the app. To do this, you can use the pop-up menu on the home screen or the button "Uninstall the application." in the page "Whatsapp" in the category "Storage on the iPhone".

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  3. Once you've completed the erase, if it's the software you want to remove instead of uninstall, go to the app's page in the App Store and tap "Download".. You can then immediately "Opened". messenger to start configuring it.

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  4. Use this link "Accept and continue." at the bottom of the screen and in the next step, enter the phone number for the account. Normally, a confirmation SMS is not required to re-authorize on the iPhone, but the code may come through.
  5. Once on the screen "From iCloud" click the link "Restore from a copy" and wait for the procedure to complete. While the procedure is running, you can immediately see how many media files the backup contains.
  6. As with the previous option, once you have taken care of the restoration, go to the chat with the previously deleted photos and check that the data has appeared. If everything has been done correctly, there should be no problem apart from the loss of the posted records after the copy was made.

Third party tools

Apart from the standard WhatsApp tools that we have presented, it can also be recovered with third-party software, but only under certain conditions and predominantly on Android. One of the best programs for this purpose is the partially free iCareFone Transfer, whose review we have on our website.

Download iCareFone Transfer for Windows

We are not going to review this software in detail as it has been done previously in the link above. Also, the software is inferior to standard solutions in terms of recovery tools without the need to transfer data between different platforms.

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