Ways to reload the Instagram app

Method 1: Restart your smartphone

To close Instagram, for example, in case of freezing not only of the application, but of the entire operating system, it is quite possible to use the reset means provided by the developer of the smartphone. The exact procedure differs depending on the operating system, where on Android it may be enough to hold down the power button, while on different iPhone models, you have to use several physical controls at once.

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Separately, we note that with the correct functioning of the system, it is better to limit ourselves to multitasking, discussed in the second method of this manual. But, be that as it may, after restarting the smartphone and restoring its performance, you can continue using the social network as usual.

Method 2: work with multitasking

The most convenient method to force close any application on a mobile device, including Instagram, is to use the multitasking menu, which permanently displays previously opened programs. This solution will be relevant only if the need to download the client has arisen due to internal errors, while the operating system itself works perfectly fine.


If you are using an iOS device, the only difference between multitasking on different models will be how you open the desired menu. To do this on SE, iPhone 8 and earlier, you need to press el button HOME twice, while on bezel-less smartphones, you need to swipe from the bottom to the middle of the screen and, without releasing it, wait a couple of seconds.

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After a list of all running apps appears on the screen, you need to search Instagram , press and hold the thumbnail and swipe to the top of the screen, making sure the program has disappeared. To quit multitasking, just touch any free area on the screen or use el button HOME or the gesture of returning to the home screen.


On Android mobile devices, downloading apps from memory is done in a similar way, where you need to press the virtual multitasking button, find the Instagram client in the list of running programs, and close it by swiping (the exact gesture depends on the device) or by clicking on the cross icon. This will lead to an instant stop of all unfinished tasks in the application, which is important to take into account beforehand so as not to lose important data, and a forced shutdown.

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In both cases considered, the subsequent launch of the social network client can be done through the icon in the list of installed applications. At the same time, the startup time will be worse, as the program must be loaded into RAM for future operation and performance.

Method 3: reinstall the application

A much more comprehensive solution may be a complete reinstallation of Instagram, relevant, for example, if after a forced closure and reopening the client's functionality is not restored. As with multitasking, the actions depend on the platform of the mobile device you are using, although with minor differences.

    1. First, you need to perform the removal, which in iOS can be done directly from the desktop by holding down the social network client icon for a long time and then selecting the option «Delete application» . Similarly, this procedure is carried out on Android, with the only difference that the icon, as a rule, must be pressed and dragged to a special area of ​​the screen with the signature "Remove" or the trash can icon.Read more: Remove apps from your phone
    2. Having completed the task one way or another, guided by a separate instruction, you can immediately proceed with the reinstallation from the official page in the app store. Just open the App Store or Google Play, search "Instagram" to through the internal search and install it with the corresponding button.Read more: Install Instagram on your phone

After reinstallation, the ready-to-use application can be started using the corresponding icon, subsequently performing authorization and, if necessary, further configuration. It is important to note that the customer data is reverted to the standard state in all cases except the upload available on iOS devices.

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