What are the weaknesses of Rock-type Pokémon? Like all Pokémon species, we can keep in mind that they have their weaknesses, as well as their strongest points, as long as we compare them in battle with other Pokémon.

And though certainly rock-type pokemon They seem to be very strong against all kinds of attacks, in reality, they have their weaknesses when it comes to some of them. In case you want to face one of these Pokémon, the ideal is that you can understand a little about its weak points. In any case, if you want to defend yourself with one of these creatures, you will find that it is better to avoid certain attacks.

Damage on Rock-type Pokémon

Now, as for the points. damage received by one of the rock-type pokemon, we have to: against the fighting ones a -x1.6, also with the Earth, Steel, Water, and grass types. So we have as an example that; that Pokémon that has a ground-type attack, will be increased by 1.6 against a Rock-type attack in which it faces.

So we can deduct through damage, about which Pokémon can stand up to a Rock-type, taking this point of weakness into account.

Which Pokémon can beat a Rock-type Pokémon?

We will list some of the non-legendary Pokémon that can reach battle to win against one of the Rock-type Pokémon, as it would be:


Because you have a fast move with a Steel attack, we can cause damage to the Rock Type. In the case of the charged move, it is also a Steel type, the blow being the Meteor Fist.

2. Lucario

He is a good opponent, since in his fast movement Fighting-type attacks, or through his Bullet Fist in his Steel Attack. In the charged move, we see that it is a Fighting type, calling this attack as Aural Sphere.


We meet a fast moving pokemon, Water-type and Steel-type, in any of the two movements. While the charged movement, it is of the Water type.

If we take into account the Rock-type Pokemon Weaknesses, we have that those that we have mentioned, correspond to the attacks to which they are weaker.

Which Legendary Pokémon win against a Rock-Type Pokémon?

In the following list, we will be able to detail those Legendary Type Pokémon who can win a matchup with Rock-Types. We have the following:

  • Landorus, who has a fast move with a Ground-type attack, and is very powerful, while the charged move is also a Ground-type.
  • Kyogre, it is a Pokémon with Water Type attacks, both in the fast movement and the Charged movement.
  • Kyurem has a Steel-type attack, the fast movement, while the charged movement is a Fighting type, being a very good option with this attack combination.
  • Dialga has a quick Do-type move and the charged move as well.
  • We finish with the legendary Pokémon Groudon, being the fast movement with a Ground-type attack, also with the charged move attack.

If you choose one of the Pokémon we have mentioned, surely you will be the winner or winner against a Rock-Type Pokémon.