What are the hidden commands in Skype chat?

What are the hidden commands in Skype chat?

Most Skype users only use the basic functions of the popular program. In fact, there are many more, and we will see them now.

Hidden commands in Skype chat

All additional Skype functions (commands) are entered in the message field.

Commands for working with users

To add a new member to the tea, you must write "/ Add_name of participant". You can only add users from the contact list.

To see the list of users with access to a specific chat, apply "/ Get allowlist".

You can see the founder of the chat room using "/ Get creator".

You can see a list of users who have been blocked from chatting by entering "/ Get banlist".

Anyone can be quickly removed from a conversation by typing «/ Kick [логин Skype]». In this case, the exception will be thrown once.

And this command "/ Kickban". [логин Skype] » It will not only allow you to exclude a user from Skype, but also prohibit them from reconnecting.

This command allows you to see the role of the user »/ Whois [логин Skype]».

The list of papers is created by peri «Setrole [логин Skype] MASTER | HELPER | USER | LISTENER ». In the image you can see a list of possible roles.

Messages and notifications

If the user does not want to receive notifications of new messages, he must enter "/ Alertsoff".

Internal chat commands

Very often in chat you need to quickly find a certain string, Then use »/ Find [строка]». The first line with this entry will be displayed.

You can get rid of the password using the command "/ Clearpassword".

Check your chat function using "/ Get role".

If you are expecting a message with important information, use "/ Alertson". [текст] » You can activate the notification if this text appears in the chat.

Each chat room has its own rules, so to read them we are going to enter «/ Get guidelines».

To see the chat parameters, type «/ Get options». The list of options is shown in the following image.

Add a link to another chat room using "/ Get uri".

Creating a group chat with all users will help «/ Golive».

The number of participants in the conversation that we are seeing using «/ Info». This command also shows how many more potential participants there can be.

"/get out" will allow you to exit the current chat.

To display specific text next to your name, type «/ Me [пошел пообедать]».

You can exit all chats (only the main chat will be kept) using the command «/ Remotelogout».

With "/ Topic". [текст] » you can change the topic of the chat.

"/ Undoedit" Cancels the change to the message that was last entered.

List of places where Skype username is used «/ Exhibition places».

The password is set by »/ Set password [текст]».

With these built-in commands, you can greatly expand the functionality of Skype.

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