What is Microsoft Update Health Tools in Windows 10 and can it be uninstalled

If you look in the Control Panel - Programs and Components or Preferences - Applications in the latest versions of Windows 10 with all the updates, in all probability you will see in the list the Microsoft Update Health Tools item, which has appeared there by itself , no installation on your part.

This article is about what Microsoft Update Health Tools does and if you can uninstall this program, automatically installed on your computer.

Why Microsoft Update Health Tools Are Necessary

The purpose of the Microsoft Update Health Tools utility is fully consistent with its name, which can be literally translated as "Microsoft Update Health Tools," which is to ensure successful installation of Windows 10 automatic updates. In the background, the program performs the following tasks:

  1. Reset network connectivity settings (in case Windows 10 updates were blocked with them).
  2. Restore the Windows components that are relevant to installing the updates.
  3. Zip the files in the user profile folder to ensure that there is enough free disk space (if there is not enough space on the system disk, you may have trouble installing updates).
  4. Automatically resets the Windows 10 update database when problems occur.
  5. Avoid putting your computer into sleep mode when you need to install updates.

We did some of these things manually, as described in How to fix Windows Update Center errors and Not downloading Windows 10 updates. This utility, in turn, should do it all automatically.

The program itself appeared to most users about a month ago and is part of the KB4023057 update, which is designed to improve the reliability of the Windows Update service.

Is it possible to uninstall the health tools from Microsoft Update?

Yes, you can uninstall Microsoft Update health tools in the standard way - in Control Panel or Preferences - Applications, there will be no ill effects (except that update problems will stop trying to fix themselves automatically).