What is the list of skin levels in YBA Stand Skin? In the following list that we will show, we will see a series of considerations for each of them, so that, as long as you want to obtain certain information for each level, simply place yourself in it.

Starting with the SSS level, some of them being evolved, they are limited levels, therefore, in this level we will find the Sky Rider, we will also see the appearance of the Devil's Moon. In addition to that, we will find the festive platinum skin. Taking these aspects into account, this is the way in which we will see each of the levels that follow.

SS level

We now go to the SS level, in this we will find some that can be limited. So, we will be facing a candy snake stall design. Jack and Ghost World's support skin. We move on to the look of Tyrant and Nexus. Likewise, the festive aspect of the world and the Sumo World.

We will also see in TWAU with the sky support design. A sword support design, that is, spirit bomb. The frost bite support design. We will move on to the Platinum steel support and an elven pistol with Takoizu dragon support look.

S level

We are at a level with evolved skin levels, let's see what it is: and that is that we will find the appearance of the world on the sky, a Tusk ACT 4 support case. We will see the support design that is made in the sky. We'll find the Star Platinum.

We will see Killer Queen with certain requiems, so we will have: Bites the Dust, King Crimson Requiem Stand Skin – OK. And the requiem stand skin with the silver cart.

Level A, B and C

We pass to the superior aspects of the Stand measure. We have to, you will find a white snake design. The platinum stand appearance with the world and the star. We will see a design of Anubis and Red Hot Chili Pepper.

We will also find Crazy Diamond, Killer Queen, Gold Experience. As for Level B, we will see that it is an average Stand appearance, where we will see the silver car and a purple support. Also, The Han and Purple Haze.

When we are at level C we will see that it is a level below average. However, it has some surprises, for example, an Aerosmith support design, a blank album vinyl that serves as a support and a red support representing the magician.

What is a stand at YBA Stand?

When we meet in the game, we have to a Stand is that which represents an aesthetic manifestation and visual of an energy. Refers to the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series. We can define Stands as:

  • Those entities or body generated by its owner in a physical way.
  • The owner of a Stand is referred to as a Stand User.
  • The Stands are a figure that is close to its user, providing extra and wonderful abilities.
  • The user of the Stand can use those powers at their convenience.

Now that you know the levels of the Stands in YBA, you will see that it is very easy to get one of the aspects. Taking into account the uses that we can give them in the game.