What should I do if Skype mutes the sounds in Windows?

What should I do if Skype mutes the sounds in Windows?

Solution 1: Check the system settings

Skype is sometimes defined by the operating system as telephony, and for this type of software the developers of the operating system have provided a separate setting that affects the muting of other sounds when a call is received. By default, they are set to mute sounds by 80% or eliminate them entirely. To change this situation you will have to do the following

  1. Open "Starts". and from there go to the menu "Options"..
  2. In the new window that appears, select the section "System"..
  3. Use the menu on the left to browse the category "Sound"..
  4. Look for the inscription that is clickable. "Sound control panel". and click on it.
  5. A separate sound control window will appear in which you are interested in the tab "Communication"..
  6. Mark the item with the marker "No action is required"..
  7. Make sure to apply the settings before exiting so they don't topple when you close the window.

After that, you can restart Skype and test the effectiveness of the method. However, it is better to send your operating system to reboot so that all changes take effect accurately.

Method 2: Change program settings

This method and the next are not always effective and should only be done if the previous steps did not give adequate results. To begin with, we recommend that you change the settings to activate the sound when accepting a call, which can be done directly in the Skype software.

  1. Once logged in, click on the button with the three horizontal dots and, from the menu that appears, select "Settings"..
  2. In the software settings window, you are interested in the category "Sound and video"..
  3. At the end of the list, activate "Activate sound for incoming calls".

Now make a test call asking any friend to make an outgoing call to check the effect of this setting on the mute. If nothing has changed, it can be deactivated again, as it does not contribute anything useful.

Method 3: Install Skype from the official site

This method only applies to users whose computers are running Windows 10 with a version of Skype obtained from the Microsoft Store. This is because this version can be defined as telephony, and 1 method. it will not help due to the features of the software. So the only way out is to uninstall this version and download the current one from the official site. First of all, uninstall it completely, which you can read in more detail below.

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All you have to do is go to the official website and download Skype for Windows there. The installation process is no different from other programs and even a novice user can handle it, and they can go to the download page by clicking the link below.

Download Skype for Windows from the official site

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