What to do if Play Market is missing on Android

What to do if Play Market is missing on Android

Play Market is the official application of the Google store where you can find various games, books, movies, etc. Therefore, when the Market disappears, the user begins to wonder what the problem is. Sometimes it is related to the mobile phone itself, other times it is due to the application not working properly. In this article, we are going to take a look at the most popular reasons for lack of Google Market from Android phone.

Return of the disappeared Play Market on Android

To solve this problem, there are different ways: from clearing the cache to returning the device to factory settings. This last method is the most radical, but also the most effective, since reflashing produces a complete update of the mobile phone. After this procedure, all system applications appear on the desktop, including Google Market.

Method 1: Check the Google Play service settings

An easy and affordable option to solve the problem. Google Play malfunctions can be caused by a large amount of stored cache and various data, as well as a misconfiguration. The descriptions of other menus may be slightly different from yours, and it depends on the manufacturer of the mobile phone and the Android shell you use.

    1. Hate. "Settings". telephone.
    2. Select section «Applications and notifications» O "Applications"..
    3. Click on "Applications". to go to the complete list of programs installed on this unit.

    1. In the window that appears. "Google Play services". and go to your settings.
    2. Make sure the app works. There should be an inscription "Deactivate".as in the screenshot below.
    3. Go to the section "Memory"..
    4. Click on "Clear cache.".

  1. Click on "Management of places". to move on to application data management.
  2. Clicking "Clear all data" the temporary files will be erased, so the user will have to log back into their Google account later.

Method 2: Check for Viruses on Android

Sometimes the problem of missing Play Market on Android is due to the presence of viruses and malware on your device. You will have to use special utilities to find and destroy them, as well as your computer, since we are missing the Google Market download application. Read more about how to check for viruses on Android in the article at the link below.

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Method 3: Download an APK file

If a user cannot find Play Market on their device (usually rooted), it may have been accidentally deleted. To restore it, you need to download the APK file of this program and install it. How to do it is discussed in Method 1 Next article on our website.

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Method 4: Access your Google account again

In some cases, logging back into your account helps resolve the issue. Please log out of your account and log in again with a valid email and password. You must also remember to activate sync beforehand. You can learn more about syncing and accessing your Google account in other articles.

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Method 5: Reset Factory Settings

A radical way to solve the problem that has occurred. Before performing this procedure, make a backup copy of the necessary information. You can read how to do it in the following article.

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After saving your data, we will proceed to resetting the factory settings. For it:

  1. Ir a "Settings". dispositives.
  2. Select section "System". at the end of the list. In some firmware, look for the menu "Restore and restart.".
  3. Click on "Reset"..
  4. The user is asked to reset all settings (then all personal and multimedia data is saved) or to return to factory settings. In this case, you will have to select "Restore factory settings"..
  5. Keep in mind that all previously synchronized accounts, such as mail, messaging, etc., will be erased from the internal memory. Press "Reset phone settings" and confirm your selection.
  6. After restarting your mobile phone, Google Market should appear on your desktop.

Many people believe that Google Market may be missing because the user has accidentally deleted a shortcut to this application from the desktop or from the menu. However, currently, system applications cannot be removed, so this option is not covered. Often the situation in question is related to Google Play's own settings, or the problem with the device is the culprit.

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