What to do if you can't send a video to Viber

Reason 1: Exceeding the limits

Viber has certain restrictions on sending video files to other users. Currently, the limits apply to both the duration of the recording (maximum 300 seconds) and the size of the file (maximum 200 MB). In some situations it can be difficult even if the limits are not exceeded, but they are very close to the maximum available - in this case you will see an appropriate message while sending. You can also compress the file in any video editor or trim unnecessary frames, but it is better to use cloud storage, upload the video to it and send a public link to your interlocutor.

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Reason 2: outdated software version

Not installing updates to the Viber brand app for a long time can cause its main functions to fail, including those related to sending videos. It is easy to solve this problem simply by installing the latest version available on your computer or mobile phone.

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Reason 3: Internet connection

A very common reason why it is impossible to send a video in a messenger is the total absence or slowness of the Internet connection. The latter is not always easy to detect immediately, since ordinary text messages can reach the interlocutor.

The easiest way to find out the cause of the problem is to use a special service to check your connection speed. If you notice that your connection speed is slower than normal, you may need to reset your connection or change your mobile data connection to a faster Wi-Fi connection. In the following article we explain in detail how to check the Internet speed on any device.

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Reason 4: Unsupported format

You may not be able to send a video through Viber due to improper format. This type of error is very rare today, as the application works with most of the popular extensions. To check, try sending a different file to the other party. If it is delivered and played, the reason is the format. This can happen more often with older files or, conversely, if the video was recorded in high resolution (4K or higher).

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Reason 5: Lack of work

It's not uncommon for popular apps and services to malfunction of late, and the messenger in question is one of them. Global crashes are mainly caused by server crashes. In such a situation, it is impossible to predict exactly when the problem will be solved. However, making sure the bug is on the developers' side and not yours is pretty easy. For this, you can use a special service that always indicates the global and specific problems of the programs and websites. It is advisable to pay attention to your region, as crashes do not always occur all over the world at the same time.

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