Where are all the goats Resident Evil Village. This game is full of curiosities such as the location of the protective goats carved in wood, finding all 20 there will reward you with the infinite knife, 16.000 XP and unlocking the trophies What an irony and Curse. In this guide, therefore, we will explain where are all the goats Resident Evil Village.

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Where are all the Resident Evil Village goats, locations

In Resident Evil Village you will find strange collectibles such as protective wooden goats. In total, there are 20 goats and you can find them all over the map. Once the object is located you will have to destroy it, shooting it or hitting it with the knife. Once done, the goat will disappear in blinding light, bringing you closer to reaching your 16.000 challenge point reward.

List of all protective goats from Resident Evil 8 Village

We remind you that the game village is a real labyrinth full of narrow alleys, all accompanied by the dense presence of werewolves. Therefore, finding this article will not be easy, so we have prepared this guide where all the Resident Evil Village goats are.

1 - Cemetery

You won't be able to find your first goat in the game until you meet the mysterious old woman. that speaks to you through riddles, it will close a big red door behind you. Turn around and you will find a statue «warrior virgin» with a spear and a shield, in front of the latter you will find an illuminated "altar" containing your first goat.

Resident Evil 8 Village protective goats

2 - Church

Finding the second goat is easier, after having found the previous goat you will simply have to move your gaze to the northeast. Go through an open door and you will see a small church with a typewriter where you can save your game. In the upper right part of the roof, the second goat awaits you.

3 - Abandoned land

After hitting and destroying the second wooden goat, you don't have to go far. Head east until you reach the Wasteland, survive the attack of two werewolves and look in the northeast corner of the map for stairs, your third protective goat will be on top of a wall.

4 - House of the Luthier

Near the old town, where you got your first ambush with a werewolf, you will find a big blue door, continue forward, and you will see a small roof to the left of the building on your right. On this roof a pretty goat waits to be destroyed.

5 - Cemetery

After overcoming the challenges of Dimitrescu's castle, return to the village with the Iron Insignia key.. Return to the church that housed the second goat, in the back you will see a door that requires the key in question. Once there, look to the right and you will find your fifth goat next to a particularly large grave..

6 - Path 

You can only find this goat after escaping from Dimitrescu Castle. Once out of it, you will find a road east of the Village. As you approach the bridge, look for some small wooden stairs that will lead you to a small dark room. Once inside, pay attention to the ground, right there you will find a new wooden goat.

7 - Dimitrescu Castle / Vineyard

During the path that will take you to Dimitrescu Castle you will find a goat hidden among the vineyards. Head to the north end of them, look up at the small rocky wall to the north, sharpen your eyes and you will find a goat camouflaged among the rocks.

8 - Castle / Dimitrescu Distillery

In the basement of Dimitrescu's castle, you will find a new goat. You can find it in a corner the first time you arrive at this location.

9 - Dimitrescu Castle - Attic

Your next goat in Resident Evil Village is hiding by the roof. You will know that you have reached the designated area when you go up a ladder and reach a rather humble hallway. As soon as you finish climbing the ladder, turn around, it will not be difficult for you to notice the presence of this object.

10 - Beneviento House / Suspension Bridge

The tenth goat can be found in the vicinity of the Casa di Donna Beneviento, after the confrontation between Ethan and the Duke near the altar. Cross the suspension bridge and, while balancing, look south, you will see a number of other bridges. Pay attention to the bridge closest to you and you will see a new goat.

11 - Beneviento House / Patio

When you first arrive at Casa Beneviento, you will see a front door and a path that runs the length of the house. Head left as soon as you are in front of the front door and, Following the path, you will find yourself on the edge of a cliff. A new goat will emerge.

12 - Artificial lake / Mill

When you find yourself escaping from Moreau, you will eventually reach a windmill. On the outer side of the upper deck of the latter you will find another goat hidden between some wooden logs.

13 - Artificial lake / House in ruins

This particular goat will remind you that not everything in Resident Evil Village has precise logic. In fact, after entering the dilapidated house near the artificial lake, you will see a goat swinging on a pole. You can see it after pushing the first car into the water to clear the way.

14 - Artificial Lake / Guardian's Hut

You must return to the place where Moreau was defeated and after draining the lake. In fact, you can now cross a new bridge in front of the boat owner's cabin and go through a ruined windmill. Just outside the mill hatch you will find a new goat.

15 - Otto's Fortress / Sawmill

You can find your next goat as you make your way to the Resident Evil Village Fortress. After crossing the gate that takes you away from the Village Village to the northeast, you will find yourself in front of a crossroads and a sign wishing you 'Good Luck'. Take the path to the left and you will come to a river, go up it and under a large factory-like building you will find a goat inside an elegant altar.

16 - Fortress / Staircase

Once you have discovered most of the internal spaces of the fortress, you will find yourself in front of a large spiral staircase, at the foot of this stone staircase, just before sliding down a crevice in the nearby rocks, turn right and at the edge of the ladder you will find another goat.

Resident Evil Village goats, locations

17 - Heisenberg Factory / Duke Elevator

This is one of the easiest goats to lose in Resident Evil Village. When you're in the elevator with the Duke at the Heisenberg factory, you will have to press the button that will take you to the last floor. When you reach it the goat will quickly appear to the left of the Duke. If you lose it, press the button again to make the elevator go down until you get it.

18 - Heisenberg Factory / Ventilation Duct

When you tour the Heisenberg factory, you will eventually come to a ventilation shaft. To get in and avoid being harmed, fire a rotor. Once done, turn around and head towards the south end of the ventilation shaft, as soon as you get to the bottom looking at the top of some wreckage you will see a new goat.

19 - Heisenberg factory / cargo hold

Shortly before concluding the terrible experience inside the Heisenberg Factory, you must fight against a rather difficult miniboss, after defeating it you will find a room with a control panel. Turn your gaze to a small ventilation hole in the upper left and enter it, your penultimate goat is there.

20 - Underground

You will arrive underground and come face to face with a giant inanimate object, which will lead you to a short cutscene. After the latter, turn right, aim and you will find the last goat hidden at the foot of a large statue. One tip, listen to the noise of the goat (bleating), it will help you.

Special goat

This goat will not help you unlock the trophy, it is for reselling to the merchant.

So far our guide where are all the goats Resident Evil VillageEliminating the first goat unlocks the "What an irony" trophy, and destroying all 20 unlocks the Curse trophy. For more tips read our article about How to get the Resident Evil Village Iron Badge Key.