Where Steam Screenshots Are Saved

All Steam users they can easily take screenshots during the game. After that, you just need to upload the created images to your personal cloud, if necessary, adjust the privacy settings. All images processed in this way will be available for viewing by all or a few circles of users. Along with this, the screenshots are saved on the hard drive. To quickly get the images in their original form or if you accidentally cancel the upload to the Steam Cloud, you can always find them in one of the local Steam folders.

Viewing Saved Steam Screenshots

As mentioned above, the process of creating screenshots consists of two stages: you create them and, at the same time, they appear in one of the folders on your PC, then upload them to the cloud and they are available for use at through your Steam account. You don't need to upload them to the cloud; sometimes you can just take a photo and save it to your computer for one-time use. Based on this, we will further consider where the screenshots are located on your computer and account.

Option 1: screenshots in your account

Our screenshots uploaded to the service are available through a separate section of your account. You just need to open your profile and go to "Screenshots" .

There you can do whatever you want with them: sort them in different ways to make them easier to view, set your privacy, copy direct links to reply to comments if other users leave them.

We will not dwell on the tools for working with screenshots, as this does not apply to the topic of the article.

Option 2: screenshots on your hard drive

To see what images are stored on your hard drive, use one of the two methods described below.

    1. It will be more convenient to use the client: open the "Library" , right-click on the game and select «See screenshots» .
    2. You can also access through the section "Screenshots" of the Option 1 by clicking on "Upload screenshots" .
    3. A universal manager window will open, where you can quickly view the images you want or download what you didn't accidentally do. This can be done very simply: just select the game, then the image itself, add a description, mark it as a spoiler if necessary, and click "Download"
    4. You can also click el button Show on disk to view the original files. They can be copied from here or deleted if necessary. They are harder to find without starting the client. The thing is that the folder with the screenshots of each game is located far away in a place that is not obvious to the user, and therefore you will have to search for it. The shared user folder is located along the path D:Steamuserdata12345678Where D is the disk partition with the Steam folder and 12345678 is a personal numeric identifier. The default folder is С:Program Files (x86)Steamuserdata12345678. Inside there will be a few more numbered folders, where each number corresponds to a specific game on Steam. Going into each of the folders, you should try to find a folder named "screenshots" . It can be immediately after entering the main folder or be nested in some others. Or it may be completely absent. As you can see, this method is inconvenient as it is not clear where which game is located and how many folders you need to search before you find the one you need.
    5. All images in the folder are stored in 2 views. The parent folder contains the full original version of the snapshot, and the miniatures They contain thumbnails of the screenshots, which are a preview of the main ones in the Steam feed. From the thumbnail, the user can quickly determine if his image interests him or not.
    6. While in "screenshots" , you can not only view images, but also delete unnecessary ones that have not been uploaded to the cloud. In addition, each user can add their own image to the folder and upload it to their profile, even if it was not created through Steam. However, there is a certain limitation: you must copy the name of the screenshot that you created while you were in the game and that is not necessary, start (or restart) the screenshot manager and send the replaced image to upload it to the cloud.

Configure the screenshot folder

You can assign a local folder for the screenshots yourself by going to «Configuration» of the game client. Switch to the tab "In the game" and click the button "Screenshot folder" .

Use the internal browser to specify the folder where the screenshots will be saved in the future.

In this article, we tell you where you can find screenshots on your computer or in your Steam profile, as well as how to change the folder where they will be saved locally.