Where to find Dying Light 2 Inhibitors. This new chapter is just as fun and interesting, we can find inhibitors that allow you to increase your health and stamina reserves of Aiden Caldwell the protagonist of the story. These collectibles are scattered throughout the map, you will identify them because they are located inside blue and white GRE boxes. If you want to know where to find inhibitors in Dying Light 2 continue reading this article.

Sometimes you can find inhibitors in safes to help you we have also prepared an interesting guide all safe codes in Dying Light 2.

Where to find Dying Light 2 inhibitors, to increase health and resistance

There are a total of 126 inhibitors in Dying Light 2, but they are mainly located in these five zones that we listed. By collecting these items, in addition to increasing your health and stamina, you will be able to unlock new combat and parkour abilities. By achieving 3 inhibitors you can choose to increase your maximum health or resistance by 20 points. Here we show you where all the inhibitors are located in Dying Light 2.

  • THV Study Center Stage IV 

This place will be located at the intersection of the three main districts: Houndfield, Trinity and Quarry End. At the meeting point we will find a shed with a sign indicating the quarantine area. Once inside we just have to jump through the hatch and cross the stairs to get the first inhibitor. For the other 3 the process does not change, go downstairs, look around you and you will find in a short time that the doors open. The inhibitors will be contained in blue boxes with an inscription that says "Biological risk" and once opened we will also have access to some rare materials.

  • THV Genomics Center

We are now within the Horseshoe district, to be precise in the southeastern part. Here too the process to follow will remain the same: open the box, go down the hatch, look around until you find all the other boxes and keep going down.

  • GRE Vaccine Laboratory 

For this quarantine zone you will have to go precisely to the center of the Downtown district. Inside the area you will have to repeat the same procedure and to help you find your way around the most labyrinthine areas, we recommend the skill that identifies the treasures.
Dying Light 2

  • GRE Experimental Research

Finding this place will not be easy, as you will have to go to The Wharf neighborhood. Now you will have to go to the southern end, more precisely at the intersection with New Dawn Park and Muddy Grounds, now you can enjoy these 4 new inhibitors.
HV-genmod development center: the point to mark on the map is Saint Paul Island, once you arrive you will have to go to the center of the neighborhood and then go north, now the quarantine area will appear in front of you.

  • THV Advanced Assistance

Here we are finally at the last area to find and consequently the last four inhibitors to get a coveted trophy. To access it, just head to Lower Dam Ayre, in the northwest area after the bridge near the Garrison border.

Now you can finally show the ranks of the zombies, and not just in this case, who's in charge with great stats. As much as vitality is useful in combat for stamina, the matter is different as it will also be essential to unlock many collectibles, including windmills.

And these are the main areas Where to find Dying Light 2 Inhibitors. Also here you can consult more tutorials and guides How to unlock fast travel in Dying Light 2.