Know where to get Silex in Minecraft useful for creating multiple items. The game has a wide variety of blocks to be mined from nature and the gravel blocks provide a very interesting element: Flint. It is necessary mine a lot of gravel to get it, but flint is important for create Arrows and essential for visit the Nether dimension.

At ik4 we are going to show you how to get Silex and how to make some of the main items with it. Remember that Minecraft is available for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 (PS4), Nintendo Switch, Android, iPhone (iOS) and PC.

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How to find Silex

Silex in Minecraft

Silex in Minecraft

To get Silex, you must first ask yourself how get Gravel. These blocks form naturally in caves and around bodies of water.

When mining a block of gravel, there is a 10% chance to produce Silex. If the player doesn't get the flint initially, they can replace the obtained gravel block and try again until they get it.

La fastest way to remove gravel is with a shovel, but the block can be broken with any tool. If the block is destroyed by unnatural means, such as falling onto a torch, there will be no chance to produce Silex.

How to create flints and arrows

The Silex can be used for some very useful items like flints, which can set fire to blocksand Arrows, which can be shot with a bow. To create the flint, simply combine a piece of Silex with an iron bar, a mineral that is also obtained in caves. For the Arrows, you must combine a Silex, a Stick and a Feather to generate four Arrows. They can be used with bows, crossbows, and even ejectors to create traps.

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