Which is better: Adobe Premiere Pro or Sony Vegas Pro?

The question of which is better: Sony Vegas Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro interests many users. In this article we will try to compare these two video editors based on the main parameters. But don't pick a video editor based on this article alone.


In both Adobe Premiere and Sony Vegas Pro, the user can customize the interface. Of course, this is an advantage for both video editors. But as for Adobe Premiere Pro, a beginner who opens the program for the first time often gets lost and does not find the right tool, and all because Premiere is designed to work with hotkeys, while Sony Vegas is quite simple. And simple.

Adobe PremierePro:

SonyVegas Pro:

Sony Vegas Pro 2: 1 Adobe Premiere Pro

Work with video

Without a doubt, Adobe Premiere Pro has many more tools for working with video than Sony Vegas. After all, it is not for nothing that Premiere considers itself a professional video editor, while Sony Vegas is an amateur one. But many users will be satisfied with the capabilities of Vegas, if they know how to use them.

Adobe PremierePro:

SonyVegas Pro:

Sony Vegas Pro 2: 2 Adobe Premiere Pro

Work with audio

And working with audio is the strong suit of Sony Vegas, here Adobe Premiere loses. No video editor can process sound as well as Vegas.

Adobe PremierePro:

SonyVegas Pro:

Sony Vegas Pro 3: 2 Adobe Premiere Pro


If you are not satisfied with the standard video editor tools, you can add plugins to both Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere Pro. But the great advantage of Premiere is that it can easily interact with other Adobe products: After Effects or Photoshop, for example . Vegas is far inferior in capabilities to the Premiere + After Effects bundle.

Sony Vegas Pro 3: 3 Adobe Premiere Pro

System Requirements

Of course, a program as powerful as Premier consumes much more resources than Sony Vegas. Vegas beats Adobe Premiere in terms of speed.

Sony Vegas Pro 4: 3 Adobe Premiere Pro

To summarize:

Sony Vegas Pro

1. It has a simple and customizable interface;
2. Works great with sound;
3. has a large number of tools for working with video;
4. Possibility of installing plugins;
5. Fairly true to system resources.

Adobe Premiere Pro

1. A fairly sophisticated interface, with the possibility of customizing it;
2. Great functionality;
3. Interoperability with other Adobe products;
4. Also the ability to install add-ons.

As you can see, Sony Vegas wins, but Adobe Premiere Pro is still considered the most professional video editor. A big advantage of Premiere is the ability to interact with other Adobe software products. And this is what attracts users. Sony Vegas is considered a simpler, but still functional editing program, very convenient to use for home video.

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