Why is WhatsApp not working

Why is WhatsApp not working

Reason 1: Lack of Internet access or lack of stability.

The most common culprit of problems with WhatsApp, and regardless of the version of your app that is used (for Android, iOS and / or Windows), is an unstable or non-existent internet connection.

To get the messenger back to work when forced to use a "bad" Internet connection, one of the following options is usually sufficient:

  1. Disconnect and reconnect to the data network, for example by briefly activating airplane mode on the mobile device or disconnecting and reconnecting the network adapter on the PC.

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  2. Restart your Wi-Fi router if that is the center of the network your device is connected to with WhatsApp that suddenly stopped working.

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  3. Change the type of Internet channel. This refers to the change, if available, from using Wi-Fi to operating a 3G / 4G network or vice versa.

Cause 2: Service failure

If the reception / transmission channel of your WhatsApp device is definitely working normally, but the messenger is partially or totally down, you must make sure that the problem is manifested only by you and is not a global phenomenon that affects a large number of people. registered in the system in question. It should be noted that "drops", that is, the sudden temporary inoperability of various information exchange systems, including WhatsApp, are not uncommon in today's reality and cannot be eliminated by the end user of the service.

Thus, before taking any action with your device and the WhatsApp client application to try to restore the latter to normal operation, you must make sure that the system as a whole works and allows communication between users in the region in which you are you find. Specialized online resources allow you, for example, to do this, Depth detector.

  1. Go to the home page of the website that fixes the flaws of the popular internet service at the link below. Click on «Accept the terms and conditions and access the site» in the box that appears.

    Downdetector.ru website

  2. If you are outside of Russia and neighboring countries, click the globe button at the top of the web page toolbar, then select the country that corresponds to your location from the list that appears .
  3. Enter your request WhatsApp in the countryside. "What service are you having problems with?",

    press the button "Magnifying glass". to the right of this field.

  4. Then there are two options for the development of the events:
    • If you see a message "WhatsApp: It does not fail."Most likely, the problems with your courier are not caused by the service. Next, you should consider and, if found, eliminate the causes of service inoperability listed below in this article.
    • When the open web page shows a graph similar to the one represented in the following screenshot with a large number of failures registered in the data exchange system, in addition to indicating the presence of possible problems in the service, the best solution is to wait ( usually several minutes to several hours), while specialists eliminate the causes of the problems.

Reason 3: Outdated version of the messenger

Regardless of what you think about the innovations proposed by the creators of WhatsApp, which are distributed by installing client program updates on users' devices, you should definitely not prohibit the installation of messenger updates. This approach, sooner or later and almost certainly, will lead to problems in the operation of the service, so if the courier fails or performs one or more of its functions incorrectly, be sure to use the latest available official version of the courier, and if it is not the case, perform an update.

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Reason 4: WhatsApp app crashes

Perhaps, there is no software that works perfectly and does not crash at least once during the life of the user. WhatsApp applications for the different operating systems are not perfect either, and sometimes they stop working due to the appearance of critical errors during the execution of the program code.

A seemingly trivial method for some, but often effective to troubleshoot application performance is to restart it, so try restarting the messenger if it suddenly stops working entirely or partially on your device.

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In a situation where restarting the software does not solve the problem or is not possible due to WhatsApp crashing and not opening, there is nothing else to do but reinstall the messenger: uninstall the application from your device and reinstall it by following the appropriate instructions for your device's operating system.

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Reason 5: Lack of system resources

Of course, WhatsApp, like any other application, requires some computing power from the device for its stable and smooth operation, as well as the allocation of a certain amount of RAM and storage space. If the device (especially for low-performance devices), on which the messenger is running, runs a large number of other programs simultaneously, its memory is fully or almost fully loaded - this can lead to media work failures considered for the exchange of information, as well as a number of other applications.

To rule out that lack of computing resources is to blame for WatsAp problems, first try restarting your device, then just run the messenger and see how it works.

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If the above method is effective to ensure a stable operation of WhatsApp, even for a short period of time, clean the memory and cache of the device, remove (at least from automatic loading) the little-used programs, perform other manipulations that involve freeing up the device's system resources. In this way, it is quite possible to reach a situation in which the messenger works normally.

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In exceptional cases, when WhatsApp is needed and its normal operation cannot be adjusted due to poor device performance and / or system software failures, the procedure can be used to return the device to its factory state. After cleaning and restarting the smartphone, install the messenger and only the minimum set of software that you really need.

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Reason 6: The operating system version is not up to date

Note that in order to successfully launch WhatsApp and pass the registration / authorization in the system, the device on which the client application is installed, in any case, must not be hopelessly outdated. Since February 1, 2020, the creators of the messenger have stopped supporting smartphones with Android 2.3.7 and higher, as well as those of iOS 7 and higher. The owners of these devices have to update their operating system and, in the absence of that opportunity, they will have to refuse to use the service in question.

Modern device users should also worry about keeping their operating system up-to-date and updating it in a timely manner - installing operating system updates is recommended to ensure maximum messenger stability, as well as, although extremely rare, but can still help solve the problems encountered with WhatsApp.

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Reason 7: Unofficial Software

To conclude our analysis of the factors that can make WhatsApp functions inaccessible and / or your client app unfeasible, let's point out the importance of using official software. The popularity of the messenger has led to the massive appearance of modified versions designed for use in Android and iPhone environments, and users are often unconcerned about the consequences of installing such software.

First, exploiting solutions distributed through unofficial channels cannot be considered a safe approach, and second, these types of software products are often unstable, although perhaps more functional than those offered by the creators of the service. WhatsApp. If you use a modified messenger or are not sure of the origin of the application installed on your device, it is strongly recommended that you remove it and install the official version: this may be the solution to all the problems that you have encountered during your

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