Windows 11 Clipboard: History, Emoji and GIFs, Symbols and More

Windows 11 Clipboard: History, Emoji and GIFs, Symbols and More

By default, the Windows 11 clipboard works the same as in previous versions of the system, but you can enable additional functionalities if you wish: mainly a record or history of the clipboard, but there are also some interesting new features.

This overview details the new clipboard features in Windows 11, how to activate them, and additional information that may be helpful.

Activate clipboard history, clear it and other settings

First of all, on how to access the new functions and activate the clipboard history. There are two possibilities for this:

  1. Press the keys Win + V on the keyboard (Win is the key with the Windows logo) and then press the "Activate" button in the window that opens.
  2. Go to Settings - System - Clipboard and activate the option "Clipboard Log".

There are additional options in Settings - System - Clipboard:

  • Synchronize the clipboard with your other devices with the same Microsoft account.
  • Complete the clipboard deletion with the "Delete" button.

Clipboard window functions (Win + V), history display and clipboard clearing

By pressing the Windows emblem key in combination with the V key, the clipboard management window opens in the clipboard history tab, from where you can quickly select the desired elements -text or graphics- and paste them into the current document: the paste is carried out in the input box or in the document where the Win + V key combination has been used.

Here you can also clear the record from the clipboard or pin individual items (the pin icon) so they won't get erased when you delete them.

In the same window there are new tabs (icons at the top of the window) that allow you to quickly paste items that are not directly on the clipboard into the current document:

  • Emoji
  • Animated gifs
  • Classic text emoticons
  • Special characters

Emoji and GIFs are searchable (they work in both Russian and English), and textual smileys and special characters have tabs that sort them - finding the right item to paste is relatively easy.

As you use it, the most used items will be placed on the first tab for quick access:

It won't be difficult to figure out how to use the new clipboard control and insert various items - it's all as easy as possible for any user.

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