Windows Defender Offline (Windows Defender Offline)

Windows Defender Offline (Windows Defender Offline)

The new version of Windows 10 incorporates the Windows Defender Offline function that allows you to check your computer for viruses and eliminate malicious programs that are difficult to remove in a running operating system.

This review is about how to run Windows Defender offline in Windows 10, as well as how to use Windows Defender offline in previous versions of the operating system - Windows 7, 8 and 8.1. See also: Best antivirus for Windows 10, Best free antivirus.

Run Windows 10 Defender offline

To use Defender offline, go to settings (Start - gear icon or Win + I keys), select "Update & Security" and go to "Windows Defender".

At the bottom of the Defender settings, there is an item called "Standalone Windows Defender." To run it, click "Check offline" (save unsaved documents and data in advance).

Once pressed, the computer will restart and automatically begin to scan the computer for viruses and malware, something difficult to find or remove when Windows 10 is running, but possible before it starts (as in this case).

Once the scan is complete, your computer will restart and you will see a report of the scan performed in your notifications.

How to Download Windows Defender Offline and Burn It to USB Flash Drive or Disc

Windows Defender Offline Antivirus is available from Microsoft's website to download as an ISO image, burn it to a disk or flash drive to boot from later, and check your computer for offline viruses and malware. And in this case it can be used not only in Windows 10, but also in older versions of the operating system.

You can download Windows Defender Offline here:

After downloading, run the file, accept the terms of use, and choose where you want to put Windows Defender Offline: automatically burn it to a disk or flash drive or save it as an ISO image.

Afterwards, you just have to wait for the procedure to complete and use a Windows Defender Offline bootable drive to check your computer or laptop (there is a separate article on these types of checks - Antivirus Boot Disks and Flash Drives on the site) .